Discover the Truth about Thought: A Pathway to Freedom

What is a thought? Try thinking about that (ha-ha).

Doesn’t the word thought refer to something that is experienced in consciousness, but is not visible through any sense?

Is a thought just a thought?

Let’s take a look.

I don’t like hot weather.

That’s a thought. But isn’t it more precise to call it a judgment? “I”’m judging the weather.

Is the judgment true, for we need to find out whether our internal beliefs describe a life that is real?

In the middle of winter, I might long for weather like this. I might even like it today (when it’s 93 outside), if I were at the beach.

So is the judgment always true? Obviously it is not. The thought/beliefs/judgments that truly form our false life are, nearly always, bogus – false.

Now let’s turn it all around. The judgment “I don’t like hot weather” – doesn’t it also assert another underlying belief?

The subject of the judgment is “I” and isn’t that another belief that is injected so quickly by the superficial thought “I don’t like hot weather”, that it’s hardly ever noticed?

What we don’t notice will always be a portal for unhappiness and no portal is more elusive and broader than the secondary judgment that underlies all other judgments: ME. That me that thinks it knows its world is all that is false.

Can the judgment, “I don’t like hot weather” exist without the underlying me?

Check it out for yourself.

If you say “yes” I will strike you 10 times with my “zen stick” and if you say “no” I will strike you 10 times with my “zen stick” (perhaps I should say my “zen schtick”).

This is something you really need to examine all on your own, but I would like to present to you my take on it.

There are 2 mes (that’s a plural “me”). The me that acts like the source of all belief and judgment is also a belief/judgment. It is the sum of your genes, culture and conditioning. But there is even a deeper “me” that just sees. It sees all of this. Because it has no substance and is not the result of any conditioning or any culture AND because it depends on nothing to BE, it can never – ever be a gateway for unhappiness. It itself is not a gateway – only this note is pointer to that place and this place is your Authentic Being.

At this point, I suggest that you read my post from yesterday that you can find here. You will see that everything you notice in the whole of your life – EVERYTHING without exception has already happened! This includes those beliefs and judgments that you’ve been calling by their generic name “thoughts”. They already are. Nothing whatsoever could have stopped them from happening.

Do you really want to be happy? Do you really want to be liberated in this very moment? If so starting right now and continuing through all of your one and only NOW is this:

Greet everything with an open smile. Feel just great about those beliefs that you might feel shitiest about. For example, “Down deep I certain that I’m stupid.” That’s a good one. Just let it be with a smile and even a hug. Do you think your’e fat and unlovable as a consequence? That’s another good one. Greet it with a smile and a Yes!

What could we possibly gain by denying what is real?

Then when you start getting into the habit of greeting the now with a smile, then looker deeper into your heart. What is it that breaks your heart? When a very sad memory arises for you to see and experience in your consciousness then just feel that place that is just wonderfully and totally sad and utterly love that place. Let yourself fall into the sea of sadness – let your heart break and if it doesn’t really break, then just continue this practice until you reach that extraordinary breaking point. It will happen for you.

If it brings up painful and scary memories, then love them all the more. Be One with the pain and travail – for please hear this – this place … the very place whose force has guided you to craft a life that avoids just THIS – this is the one and only place that will ever offer you release and Liberation from fear.

So greet every now with a yes and a smile and even a some gratefulness. You don’t greet it because you love it, but because it is and the life designed to negate the real and the actual is the false life crafted by fear. This is what you want to end. So just greet it all with an open heart.

Then take the next step and go to the source of your heart – your sadness. It is there that you will find yourself and when you do, that oh so alive heart will become your one true guide.

It is said in Moby Dick: A single tear fell out of old Ahab’s eye and Melville says that there was more wealth in that “one wee drop” than in all the Pacific. Come to that moment and discover where it takes you.

Spread the word of authentic liberation.

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