Everything Turns to Shit

As the American decline continues, have you noticed that everything is turning to shit and that this transformation into total crappiness is happening faster and faster?

Everything is in full collapse.


Congress, despite the mountain range of evidence in support of the life threatening consequences of global warming, was incapable of passing even the most modest of carbon emission legislation. Not only did the Republican Party continue with their policy of NO to everything that might cause a mega-corporation to make the slightest sacrifice to the collective good, but the Democrats also sustained their policy of talking change and then contracting back into their shells and doing nothing. The one party is an unabashed supporter of corporate tyranny, while the other is a spineless community of the scared and intimidated.

As the nation state declines the capacity for government to do anything falters with it. We can no longer depend on the government to solve our national crisis.

Legislation planned to allow the Everglades to survive has, like everything else, been greatly minimized so that the environmental deterioration and eventual death to this precious region will continue unabated.

Health Care

Obama marched into the capital on the lofty wings of change. But this was the Obama we, as a nation, projected from the depths of our hopes. This was not the actual Obama.

The actual Obama scuttled any hope for substantive change in the way health care is provided in the US by giving up on a public option from day one. He was then and still is a pawn of the mega-corporations just like his predecessors. But unlike them, he hides in the world of appearance still looking like the muscular and lithe man of change, when he is, really, just another schnook – a figurehead for the ruling oligarchy. While the legislation throws out crumbs to the masses, the one thing it does insure is that private industry will obtain many millions of more customers without having relevant options. They are forced to pay for coverage that is expensive and will continue to be the primary cause of personal bankruptcy. The deductibles will cripple millions of Americans. Thus even with insurance, quality healthcare will become increasingly unaffordable. Meanwhile, the government will not be able to negotiate lower prices for essential medicines. Could it be any worse?

Wall Street Reform

Yet another fake effort to reign in the dangerous financial games of the super-rich. The legislation passed by Congress not only takes many years to take effect (like the healthcare legislation), but is another straw man appearing like change, but leaving the captains of financial rape and pillage unaffected. Their gambling is insured by the mindless suckers, referred to as the public, those poor folk that continue paying the taxes the rulers demand so that the elites can continue getting their free ride.


The wars fought in the middle east are happily continued under the current winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. What a horrific irony! Does anyone actually know why we are in Afghanistan? Is there an end-game? A  recent estimate made by experts in the field assert that there are only 50 (yes 50) actual Al Qaida currently active in that country. That should give everyone pause. It has become increasingly obvious that the real purpose of the endless war is to:

  • allow the military industrial complex to thrive in times when most americans are struggling
  • allow for american domination in a region will many billions in mineral and oil wealth; and
  • the war serves the geo-political needs of the die-hard believers in the american empire which asserts that military and political domination in this region is essential for the future of the empire.

The massive appetite for war and the production of the equipment of death is endless and the one death it assures is the nation itself. China watches on as we spend ourselves into utter penury. We are already a banana republic in financial terms, but unlike most other such failed states, ours’ bristles with nuclear weapons.


As the nation declines, we have sold our freedom to the very people who fear it most. We have invested our fears into a government that cares not for us. The primary interest of politicians is to please those that give them lots of money. They are the whores of government and these same whores are our representatives. They care not for the planet or for the well being of the nation. They care about one thing – get re-elected. We may believe that we are still a functioning democracy, but we have rested our beliefs on old data. That time has passed and it won’t return anytime soon. Frankly, our decline began sometime ago and its relentless trajectory could probably only be slowed down, but never stopped.

Everything turns to shit. Our cities will continue their massive physical collapse into endless fields of gutted housing, dead neighborhoods, and literal food deserts. Many states are turning paved roads into gravel because gravel is cheaper to maintain. As the failed economy continues to undermine even well-intentioned school systems, the trend of teacher lay-offs, shorter school weeks (Hawaii), and more drop-outs will continue. And speaking of education, for most of us the purpose of education is to impart just one decisive belief: obedience. We no longer teach actual analytical ability (I’m not sure if we ever did). Schools are designed to produce workers. The only problem is that there is no longer need for all of these robotic laborers. The incentives for out sourcing are stronger than ever and as consumption declines, the need for actual production will decline in proportion.

As opportunity dries up, the only thing that will be nurtured is hopelessness and when this finally gain its full potential mass, then watch out!

Because when that happens, all that has turned to shit will hit the fan.

In the meantime, enjoy the show. If you can, sit back and take it all in. Storms come and storms go. Enjoy the coffee. Have yourself a biscotti, a simple bowl of spaghetti, a glass of red wine, and spend time with those you enjoy and love. The sky and the trees, and oceans are still there … maybe suffering, but they will regain their strength in time. You can still enjoy them. Trying biking or walking if you can avoid using your car … and I strongly recommend Seinfeld repeats. The web of life gets frayed now and then, but these tests only make it stronger.

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