The Moment I Experienced Enlightenment

The moment I experienced enlightenment I was no longer here and at the same moment I was here. Does this sound confusing? Perhaps an explanation is in order.

The moment I experienced enlightenment, everything about the personal me disappeared. My body was just here and there was neither a need for anything nor anyone who could need anything. I was and am just here delighting in this very moment.

It was always right here all along and I missed it because my psychological self was looking for something or doing something or thinking something. But the Self that is here prior to any of that … well that was and is here as well.

Can it be expressed any simpler than that?

You are here now, but you are probably still in the web of the personal self. It’s a gossamer web, but a web nonetheless. There is really nothing else I could say. You need to keep it simpler than simple and even simpler than that.

You are always there. It can’t be escaped. It cannot be severed.
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