What is Real?

We often wonder about what is true? But because the truth is so elusive, maybe the better question to ask is, what is real? Isn’t it possible to say what is real right now?

I think that it is.

Is there a “seeker” right now? Let’s say that you responded to that question with a “yes”. We could then ask, what does being a seeker in this moment mean? What does it mean to be a seeker right now as we read these words.

Could it mean that you are trying to find a new “you” through this post (or the thousands of posts like this one)? Or, could it mean that by reading these words, the pain of seeking might go away, at least for a day or two? Do you approach posts like one with a magical tool that might reveal the esoteric secret that might lay hidden here?

If seeking is a pain, then why do you nurture it? Do you need that identity? Do you want that identity? Getting back to the theme of this post, is that identity real? And, if it isn’t, then who are you?

Check it out. Who or what is this seeker? Isn’t this feeling based entity, just a made-up character? Do you need to be a seeker in any situation that you can imagine? Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel real? Or, does it make you feel fake?

When you’re washing the dishes, does the seeker clean the dishes better? Seeker or no seeker – does it matter?

Perhaps, it is nothing more than a bundle of thoughts and feelings sustained by nothing but habit, and adding absolutely nothing of value to anything or any situation. If you’re driven to possess the truth, then I might ask you why? What will its possession give you that you don’t already have? Do you believe that this possession will help you live a life without pain or challenge?

If you believe that, then you are placing your faith in something utterly unreal. You are seeking a kind of magic in a world that is already magical and your false psychological identity is the only heavy, unmagical thing in this universe. This whole self that has convinced itself that it’s on some kind of sacred mission is a kind of painful joke whose laugh is on you.

Not only do you not need any identity, but you aren’t any identity. And to complete the loop, probably the strongest false identity you currently maintain is that of the seeker.

How can we know this? Purely by asking ourselves what is real in this moment. In this moment, do you need any identity? And, if you don’t need any identity in this moment, then you really don’t need any identity in any moment!

You are that (everything) in the moment it arises. You are that continuum around which your world revolves. Who could imagine being anything more than everything??? You have it all, but because you ignore that which is obvious and real, so you go looking for it in obscure and often far-away places.

Why? That is the question you really need to ask yourself. If it isn’t real, then what are you looking for? And if this psychological identity isn’t real, then who is seeking? Isn’t it true that this entity comes and goes? And, when its gone, who is it that is not a seeker?

So what is real right now? Don’t we actually know that even before the question emerges in consciousness?

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