The World is Inside You – The Next Step

Awareness has no next steps. The only entity who cares about next steps or what she/he might “get out” of this realization exists exclusively on Level Two identification, the self, the individual, the thought that cries out – that’s me!

This is the fear-based life of belief. The human being who believes she is a thought labeled “me” is living exclusively out of uninvestigated belief. It’s no different from believing in the tooth fairy or santa claus.

Once it is fully realized that we are not a thought, then there is truly no one who could ever be enlightened. That is a huge joke. It’s perfectly okay to be the butt of that joke, for he who is a butt, is also a thought, so who could possibly care?

Every thought that asserts that it is you is false. Thus you can never be improved.

The entity that you refer to as you is just a procession of thoughts that we might label as good, bad, neutral, active, dull, etc.

Everything we experience is just another thought. There truly is no place we could go. The very best the mind could ever formulate, would just be another thought seeking to discover a better thought. Isn’t is ridiculous – absurd? Let’s get off this merry-go-round.

It is all turbulence celebrating a non-entity.

The game of seeking the self – of pining for enlightenment – ends the instant it is truly realized that there is no self that can be contained within thought. None – Zero – Null Set. Yes the personality continues, how could it not????? And why would that ever be a problem? If you hate yourself, then it’s just a case of one thought hating another thought and playing out their theatrical performance … for the benefit of whom????????

All thoughts, especially we must know – those thoughts about the self, are just bubbles passing through a field of awareness. When we pin any identity onto them, then we have invoked the authority of ignorance in our lives. It really couldn’t be simpler than that.

So then, is there anything to do?


The only impact this realization could have for us is that we stop doing what is ignorant. We stop seeking a better me. We stop dreaming of an enlightened me.

Also, we stop believing in an ugly me – a bad me – or an “anything” me.

Our minds respond to realization with grace, connection, pleasure, and love. Ignorance returns and we softly smile, for we have seen it arise in our lives countless times. Emotional pain arrives and we greet it with appreciation (with the same openness that awareness offers everything), for knowledge of emotional suffering allows us to unite with all others who similarly suffer. Thus suffering is a gift – it is essential for authentic compassion.

For we never leave Level 2. Our personality continues in this life, but it is now free to love itself just as it is – or not. It’s all just thought doing its thing. Thus the highs and lows will continue, but they will be free from the enslavement to seeking a better me, an enlightened me. That is the only difference. It becomes bored with such talk, for it has traversed that field a million times and now it’s time to move on.

Our own aliveness is one with the aliveness that is seamlessly everywhere and holds everything.

So what is the freedom of liberation? It is freedom from the running after an alluring me that isn’t real. That’s it in a very small nutshell. Reflect on what that means!

Now you really are free!!!!!

What more can one say? The more we say, the more questions the ignorant false-self will produce. So enough for now. It’s time for coffee and bagels.


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