The Way of Love

Don’t love any thing!

Things aren’t real. Instead love all that is real and the only thing that is real is this living moment.

Don’t ever seek to get anything from this moment, because then a “thing” (the fear-based you) lies secretly behind this living moment greedily wanting to “get” something out of it -something for itself.

Love just this moment. That doesn’t sound too hard.

But the moment you start identifying with things, starting with your illusory self, that’s where all the trouble begins. Love this amazing place where you are not. Free yourself of this terrible burden you place on a self that isn’t even real.

Just love this moment and the next moment will take care of itself.

If you’re dealing with pain, horror, travesty – then just love how your heart goes out to that.

That love is the love that heals everything.


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