The Human Cancer

Just for a couple of minutes let’s pretend that we are all living as cells within a cancerous tumor. This is just for fun, so please bear with me.

Now the tumor we are all living is inside a larger body. We really don’t know much about this body, but we can say that it’s somewhere “out there” and even a little, “in there”.

One thing we do know is that our livelihood is dependent on growth. Without growth we will stagnate. Over time, devoid of growth, we know that many of our fellow cancer cells will die and our world will shrink. So we MUST grow. The phrase we all know is “Grow or Die”.

We also know that as we grow, we must destroy everything that stands in the way of our growth. Those things we might love, the forests, the wetlands, the broad wild plains, the wolves, the tigers, the migrating birds, all of that must die if our world is to sustain itself in the only way it truly knows.

As a cancer cell among billions of other cancer cells, the few of us who question the merits of growth are seen as oddballs, a little crazy in the head. They’ll get over their youthful idealism and once they have baby cancer cells, they’ll get with the program and do everything they can do to further the growth that all of us depend on. It’s really a matter of life and death for us cancer cells. This is what we are programmed to do. Grow we must.

The ancient ones speak of a time long, long time ago, prior to our enlightenment, that we could live without growth. This was a time of equality, when the wolf, the tiger, and the birds could live with us cancer cells as brothers and sisters. But that was really a very long time ago and the times have surely changed. Now the only thing we do know for certain that we must grow and grow we will.

Until the day comes when we can grow no further.

The body we are in has a very different mind. We can’t know this mind, but we do know that it’s there. For thousands of years, this body has made it possible for us to grow as we wanted and needed. It has yielded itself to us and we have taken advantage of the mysterious body’s generosity. In a way, the body has allowed us to fuck it as we pleased and it did surely please us. We are not sure if the body enjoys our raping, but who cares?

But now our growth has slowed and as it has slowed we have begun to turn against ourselves. Our most industrious cancer cells, those that work for the governing cancer cells are working harder than ever to figure out how we can start growing again. They are the most intelligent of all cancer cells for they know better than most of us just how essential our growth is. That’s why we have chosen these cancer cells to be our leaders.

These powerful cancer cells tell us that we have no choice. We must cut our ties with every last sentimental tie we might have with the body. We must thus kill all the wolves, the tigers and the migrating birds and everything else that gets in our way. We cannot allow our emotions to get in our way. We must be resolute and do the only “rational” thing and thus kill with ever greater fury. We must steal ourselves against the struggle ahead, for it will be bloody.

Some of our ‘brainy’ cancer cells warn us that we also must sustain the mysterious body, even in a much degraded fashion, for, they tell us, that without the mysterious body, we too will die. But our leaders tell us that we can rise to any challenge and that these same reluctant scientists will come up with clever ways to sustain the body for our collective benefit, even if it wreaks with its own death smell. We can tolerate the wreak of carnage, for we, unlike other species, can get used to anything and it is precisely that ability that makes us Strong.

So we march in step to the drum beat of growth. We smash our way through every barrier. Even if we devour our own brothers and sisters, then so be it. Let us celebrate our cannibalism if it contributes to growth. The master cancer cells must survive every challenge. We must wage endless war against the mysterious body. We must beat it into our own image, for we are gods and masters of the mysterious body, even if we don’t truly admire it, we know, in our hearts, that we can master it.

So we march. Grow or Die is our call. We are called to rape and rape we will.

Okay, we were just playing as a cancer cell. Obviously were not anything like cancer cells, so we can now comfortably go back to our dreams – our dreams of growth. For we know in our all too civilized hearts that if we don’t grow, we die. Alas

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