The Empire of the Mind and the Revolution of the Heart.

When the history of this time is written – far into the future from now – it will be described as the Empire of the Mind.

The Mind is full of muscle. It is a powerful God. Thousands of years ago, it was the Mind that built the mighty foundation for civilization – the bedrock foundation on which now lies the great cities, the bristling concentrations of weapons, the maze of factories, the banks, and the vast repositories of people and power that make it all grind on.

In that distant time past, a very quiet happening came to pass. The Heart was silently defeated by a Mind who knew not what he had done. The Empire of Mind was at hand and the times of Heart was lost to distant memory.

For the Heart alone is not a good fighter. The Heart is vulnerable. In the Age of Balance the powers of Mind were checked by the rapture and love people had for their world. She needs the Mind as her sevant and best friend.

But on that oh so quiet day, thousands of years in the past, the servant became the master and the Mind as master would abide little heart.

We live in the waning days of the Mind’s Empire. The Mind is a miraculous treasure, but too full of its own power, distorted beyond recognition by its own climb to unchallenged rule, it becomes dangerous and lethal.

More than anything else, the Mind fears the unpredictable, the uncontrolled. Thus he crashes his technological, rational, and linear fist onto anything that threatens his domain.

But it is not the Mind that is the problem, rather it’s the expansion of the Mind and the proportionate contraction of the Heart that is at the roots of humanity’s current dilemma. The Mind as explorer is an energy of surpassing beauty. The Heart loves the beauty of the Mind, but recoils at its current iron fisted rule in the human domain.

Thus the pathway back is through this very recognition. We must learn to see the ravages of the Mind bereft of Heart. We need to see this within ourselves, within our group connections, and within our nation. The more clearly we can see the many effects of a world and psychology drastically out of balance with its Heart center, the more balanced we will be in our own lives.

The Revolution of the Heart starts with seeing first the Empire of the Mind in ourselves. We see this Empire on the scale of the individual body/mind in its “artifacts of fear”. We see it in how we hoard our money, our possessions, and our feelings. We see it in how we establish hard and fast boundaries. We see it as we strive to “be” someone or something that we are not. We see it in how we support our leaders. We see it in how we serve our fears as if we were slave to them. We see it in how we support the cancerous growth of our economy. We truly reflect on all of this. We use the Mind and the Heart to see what is truly true in this life.

The Revolution of the Heart, our collective effort to restore balance in our lives and in our world must start with the recognition of our intimate connections with everything in our world and even our universe. The belief in our absence of inter-dependence is just that, a belief. It is a corrupting falsehood that eats away at our Heart center. It makes us cruel and, quite literally, heartless.

Slowly we open our Hearts to the infinity of our connections with Mother Earth and the wonderfully accommodating Universe that makes her life possible. We see ourselves as the light which illuminates everything. This is the spirit that animates everything, including our Minds.

Thus the Revolution of the Heart begins.

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