You Can’t be Too Careful

Hey, I’ll say it again, you just can’t be too careful.
You better say just the right thing, because, god knows, you would never want to say the wrong thing.

You probably already know that if you don’t follow your guru’s instructions just right, then all those hours of hard meditation will never have the effect that those who carefully follow the directions experience. So meditate exactly as you are told by those who have already trod the path and are enlightened.

If you’re running for political office, then make sure you follow the script. The last thing you want to do is to wing it. You gotta know that the press and everyone else will hold you to account for the off hand comments you will foolishly make.

And, if you’re in the arts, don’t think that you’re the next Rembrandt. If you value success (and well you should), then do what is safe and sound. Over-valuing your own vision is just another expression of the ego to be avoided at all costs. Play it safe and you will, in time, succeed.

And, in life, please be as careful as you can. I worry about you and I want you to be safe. Always eat the right foods, lots of natural grains, fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid processed foods, because they can hurt you. You also want to stay away from beef, pork, and any farm-raised fish. They are all dangerous.

When you’re out and about, please be very careful. Keep a wary eye for muggers and terrorists. Always avoid direct eye contact. Also, it’s always best to hurry to your destination. Criminals and ne’er do wells will prey on those who are slow and tarry. So walk briskly and don’t waste time as you travel from place to place.

If you’re still in school, always obey your teachers and follow directions to the letter. Don’t ever try to stand out, but when and if the teacher asks for volunteers, you should proudly raise your hand. In all tasks, always do your best, but don’t spend too much time on any one project and allow other chores and tasks to linger unattended. That is a primrose path and a very slippery slope that you really need to avoid.

If you’re a parent, keep an ever-watchful eye on your children. They will enter the devil’s playroom the moment they know that they have eluded your parental gaze. When giving orders, try to make them clear and always establish a deadline, for children will tarry with their tasks and need to know exactly when you expect them to be completed. Keep your children busy so that they avoid mischief and when they mis-behave spare not the rod for a child will respect you only if you apply physical discipline onto their bodies. They will ignore your words, unless they carry threats of physical threat to their physical being. Love is always tough – so show them tough love.

So always be careful – be wary – be diligent – do what you’re told by your superiors. The world is an extremely dangerous place. So don’t blow the one chance you’re EVER going to get, which is right now – be as careful as you can … and … things should work out … at least we can keep our fingers crossed.

Remember, you can never be careful enough!

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