The Gospel of Liberation


  • that you were conceived in perfection.
  • that you are a sacred being.
  • that you never came here to prove yourself.
  • that your birth is all the proof you will ever need.
  • that your parents were not equipped to accept you exactly as you are.
  • that, as a result, they used Fear and Force to mold you into the being they thought you should be.
  • that you may not be able to be yourself as you truly are, for you have absorbed those projections.
  • that love is a birth right and never needs to be earned.
  • that the Power that created you created the mountains and the oceans.
  • that the only meaning Life possesses is for you to express your love and joy.
  • that we live in a time where the foundations of this culture are built on Fear.
  • that this Fear is what makes this time unique, as well as to make it such a challenge.
  • that our false identity is also built on a foundation made of Fear and that this Fear is passed through the generations.
  • that on account of this identification with Fear that we hoard, we flee, we secure ourselves in the many prisons of the psyche.
  • that the challenge of our lives is to see how to bring the false to light.
  • that when the false is brought to light that we liberate ourselves from the dense web formed as a consequence of our personal and group invalidation.
  • that the root of Fear is Invalidation.
  • that we are healed through understanding and the return to Heart and Love.
  • that the root of Invalidation is the failure to see our inherent perfection and Authentic Self.
  • that the time of Light and re-birth remains ahead of us.
  • that we bring that world to possibility by reversing the legacy of Invalidation.
  • that this reversal arouses Authentic Compassion and Clear Seeing.
  • that Authentic Being arises first in our own lives and only then arises in the whole world as the light of our collective Authentic Selves.

Then, and only then, can the world of connection and equality of our shared Authentic Selves can come into being.

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