Embracing the Mystery

What is the meaning of this life?
What is the purpose of my life?
How can I awaken from the struggles of the self?

What if you knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that there were no answers to these questions? What if you knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that because these questions have no answer, that the questions themselves are utterly without relevance?

What can we say about these moments that you and I share in this vast universe? What can we say that is true beyond words? What can we say that is absolutely untarnished by belief?

Let us pause before we jump, hand in hand, into the unknown – the abyss of this very moment.

We spend a life time watching the mind and after these many years, we can’t help but be struck about how mechanical it is. Tirelessly we return to the same questions as if this time we will find the answer that has eluded us through these many years. Isn’t this just another very old belief grown musty and smelly in the attic of the brain?

Isn’t it time to just drop the inquiry?
Could it be the time to just start living?

Ahhhhhhh – just one more pause.

This moment lives. Is this moment not life itself expressing itself around and through you?

Are you not this very life?

So why do we push this life away? Why do we persist in believing in some alternative universe, that grace, in her role as Santa Claus will bestow on us?

Isn’t this the question that we must answer before taking another step?

Why is this life not life enough? What part of us possesses the audaciousness to demand more?

When we see the pure truth of this are we not free of all the old questions?
Are we not free to just embrace this moment as the wonderful mystery it truly is?

Can we not see how our amazing senses bring us every aspect of this life in its light, its dark, its sweetness, its bitterness and everything in between? Can we not see how this very life keeps calling us to sing our own song and thus to join the dance?

What stops you from singing your song and joining this dance? It’s an obvious invitation – one that will never go away until that moment when it just might be too late. For, as Jeff Foster has recently noted, no one is there is experience their own death. This invitation is extended to you as long as you live, such is the great generosity of this life.

So what is holding you back? Perhaps the endless questions, the tireless seeking is just a subtle avoidance tactic made by a mind that embraces the search as a way to cover up a deeper fear? Consider that possibility. Is your seeking a clever strategy to protect you from a deep, underlying fear that you resist to admit?

So again, what holds you back? Why not just embrace the mystery of this moment? Why not even embrace the fear that fuels the whole process and admit to yourself that even that is okay … just as it is.

Do we not merge with the Tao itself when we open up our senses to this moment and then express our own heart and mind into this vast sea of experience?

Is this not the purest of truth?

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