Instant Enlightenment

Right now, as you read these words, get the sense you appear to have about your very self. This is the sense that you ARE the person reading these words. It’s a very generalized and subtle feeling.

Now notice how this feeling sense is “carried” or attached from this moment to the next moment. It is as if the moment itself needs to be touched and filled by this sense! But is that true? Does every moment need to be filled with your apparent psychology and conditioning?

You might want to notice how this “self” sense attaches to both the bodily self, as well as the object observed through attention. Don’t try to get rid of this “self” sense. That would be just be the action of an ego wanting to be perfect. The self sense is essential … it just doesn’t need to dominate. That is the key.

The more you get a sense of this personal vibe-like quality, which seems to attach itself onto much of conscious experience, the more free you will be from its inevitable effect.

As this grasping is revealed in awareness, a glimpse of what this moment is without this grasping and attachment will arise effortlessly.

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