Is Life a Burden?


It seems that right now everything just … sucks.

Morons and fascist wannabes have taken over the airways. The planet’s whole ecosystems are in chaos and decline. Extinction is the main theme of the natural world. I read today that about 20% of the world’s plants are facing extinction and I also read that about 80% of the world’s drinking water is under threat of contamination.

And no matter how crappy things appear to be, we seem to know in our hearts that they will probably get worse.

How do we deal with all of this “bad” news?

I will speak only from my own perspective.

The persona who takes on these problems as his own lives as a “fear-self” who has created a compelling story that these stories are his to bear. He can use his visibly passionate caring as a way to separate himself from the ignorant rabble. Or his fear-self can use all of this information to allow himself to identity as a single suffering victim among the billions of other victims. The moment we assume that an object is what we are, our reservoir of fear can use this object to create a persona to compensate for the fear that is inwardly denied. Or, he can assume ownership of the object and take it on as “his” burden. This is what most of do.

The “fear-self” that labels this information as “bad” has passed judgment on systems and processes that, in truth, he cannot understand. If nothing else, natural history shows us just how incredibly resilient the earth is. No matter how pervasive the loss of habitat and the extinction of so many species, the earth will always bounce back with or without human beings.

Thus as much as I find the news painful and frustrating, I also realize that the ever-bright “I am” transcends the spectacle and possesses the tranquility to deal with problems as best as his body/mind can do in the moment they arise. I know that “I am” is neither the source of these problems or their solution. Rather, the light of “I am” allows the seeing to happen just as it does. The seeing pierces my heart and engages the body/mind in the challenges of the time with compassion and focus, but it does not define the “I am”.

In this way, life can never be a burden. Rather, it is light filled with feeling and fleeting knowing.

Instead of being a burden, the “information” received by this body is the very invisible blood that connects us all with everything. It is the unavoidable profound connections that bind us together in this time and place. All of the light manifests inside each and all of us.

Where is the burden of life? It cannot be found.



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