The Key Difference: Unawakened and Realized

Here “I am” sitting at the table listening to music.

The thought “I like” this music is noticed.

To the unawakened, who are identified with their minds, there is the belief that I like this music is perceived as truth.

To the awakened, where identification with the mind has ceased, the thought “I like this music” is merely an expression of pleasure devoid of belief. There is only pleasure – a fleeting feeling.

That is the difference!

Where there is identification, a mind translates the experience of pleasure and attaches it onto the story of a me.

That is the only difference.

Try experiencing pleasure as pleasure and pain as pain. No me – no story.

Everything that is perceived is just like that … fleeting sensation. Even actions are brief sensations happening within this same unmoving, timeless seeing.



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