The Ultimate Pointer

The Mind says: I need to know HOW! Somewhere out there, there has to be a formula.

So as a dutiful slave of the mind, we run off to get the latest book, attend a retreat led by a renowned Buddhist, wish we were at a satsang with Jeff Foster or Rupert Spira, etc. After all, they are enlightened beings. They must have the formula. They gotta have the SECRET.

Here’s the VERY bad news. There is no formula. There is no secret. They have nothing more than what you and I have.

Here’s the VERY good news, if you thought you had the secret, if you believed you grasped the formula, then you must know that you are on the wrong path. But here’s the silver lining:
The WHOLE story of seeking, of wanting, of needing AND conversely, the WHOLE flight from insufficiency, from self-invalidation – THAT WHOLE narrative is bullshit. Seeking and insufficiency are the two sides of the same coin. Just watch the intimate dance of insufficiency and seeking in ACTION. On one side I’m not okay on the other I seek the formula to being okay. We’ve gone in circles for thousands of years. It really is time to just STOP.

Then ask yourself, who is it that’s watching? None can grasp that core being simply because it cannot be grasped.

So what to do? What’s the next step?

First just relax. Take a load off. Keep on noticing what drives you crazy. Observe the deeply embedded “I gotta do something” ethic that lies deep in your psychological core – for this is a culture of doing. See all of this.

And then notice this – there is nothing to do – no where to go. This time get really UNserious and truly do nothing. Laugh at your false self and be happily willing to needing be anyone or anything!

Notice that all suffering has weight. Your attention is governed by something with weight. It’s like having a huge stack of dirty dishes, pots, and pans sitting in a filthy sink that you need to get to and you just can’t get comfortable and watch the TV without those dirty dishes weighing on your consciousness. That’s suffering.

So get off your butt and do the dishes, but don’t “do” them. Be the very relaxed dish washer. Wash without effort. Wash without doing. Take joy in the feel of warm water, of the glistening cleanliness of your dishes when being is done with them. Notice this perfectly relaxed and balanced being in everything you believe you’re doing. She or he is always there, effortlessly present. Everything gets done and no one is doing them.

Try this: listen to some music with beat. First listen as you. Then listen as just listening. Is there a difference?

Let the emotions rage, let the body itch, let the world do its nasty stuff, underneath it all is this relaxed and balanced being that is you and me. Go fight your wars (if you really must), go wash the dishes, go to your job, but observe the suffering self weighted down by the tons of responsibility it has falsely taken on itself. That is the narrative that is false.

It can operate in VERY subtle ways. Even listening to music that you might ordinarily enjoy, there could be a subtle element of “work and effort”. Just see it and then see what happens next. Can you look out into your world and just be the looking? Can you see without the weight of seeing?

You’ll discover that you really are free without doing anything and with needing to be anyone! Memorize that last sentence and get a taste of your Authentic Being.


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  1. #1 by Kris on October 10, 2010 - 9:25 pm

    Great post! Showing a lot of the BS for what it is probably doesn’t make you too popular in certain circles! Keep it up, as that sort of clarity about some “formula” being just more suffering needs to be shared. Not that the various sides of the coins may not be of some use, but ultimately any realization is more like tossing that damn coin into the pond and enjoying the ripples…

    • #2 by Eric on October 11, 2010 - 1:57 pm

      I’ve often wondered whether such posts, like this one, act to reduce “my” popularity. It’s really quite easy observing the massive ego that infects so much of what passes for “spirituality” in these troubled days and it’s even easier to see this spiritual ego once one has been fortunate enough to experience awakening.

  2. #3 by Kris on October 12, 2010 - 12:03 am

    “Fortunate” being an interesting choice of word.

    Not disagreeing, I simply find it hard to label at all. Particularly in positive or negative terms (thus implying an opposing state for others – and reinforcing beliefs along those lines) or any way that objectifies, makes it out to be a prize/possession, etc. That is not possible though. Ultimately, a problem with all words of course, not yours specifically.

    Popularity? Well, it’s not about them liking, or disliking – more a matter of THEM getting past all that! You point well. That suffices, as the book comments/reviews evidence.

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