I’ll Be Happy When I Get “THERE”

The seeking process is all about getting someplace and becoming someone – different from who we are. We’re racing, as fast as we can, to enlightenment.

So there you are walking down a street. You’re not paying attention to what your body is doing and what’s happening around you. You’re too busy thinking about what’s going to happen next. We look past the now even before we’re aware of the now. This is how we sleep through life.

I’ll be happy and enlightened sometime in the future, hopefully not so long from now. So I look ahead to that next event, that next book, that next happening.

Then someone like me taps you on the shoulder and asks, “what’s wrong with right now? Why are we all always looking ahead? Who’s ignoring the now? Who is projecting the belief that joy, happiness, and liberation lies in “my future”?”

This is the question you really need to investigate.

When we ignore the now, because we’re looking ahead, we are fully invested in the seeking “me”. We are “doing” precisely what every teacher and friend has said since these explorations began. We’re repeating the same mistake for the ten millionth time. And, you know what, we’ll do it again, probably in less than 10 minutes from now. You’re probably doing it right now.

Allow me to give you a tip so powerful, that it might rouse you of your slumber. We ignore the now, because a much more powerful idea instructs us to.

This is how it works. Our mind has already decided that enlightenment or awakening or liberation is much more beautiful than what’s happening right now. So we know that THIS isn’t it. The mind projects and imagines the experience of enlightenment as if it were a condition that can be attained. Of course, it isn’t. But the power and stickiness of this belief has become a deeply embedded habit. As long as this idea dominates our thinking we will continue ignoring what’s real – what’s true. We will, literally, look past liberation and continue being a prisoner of our imagination.

We reject the world and reject ourselves, because we have idea that something better is what is really real. We tell ourselves, that this moment just can’t be it. This moment just doesn’t measure up to what we know about the fireworks of enlightenment. I hope you can see this in this very moment.

So examine the belief that This is not liberation, that liberation is something that will happen sometime in the future if I play my cards right. What you will discover is this: your WHOLE sense of self, your entire psychological being is invested in this belief. The energy of this belief covers over the much more subtle essence of the liberated Self that underlies the whole ground of this unnecessary search.

We live our whole life truly as it were a rehearsal for the REAL life that awaits us if we’re very lucky.

Waking up means waking up from this false sense of self. It’s not really all that hard. All you need to do is explore this one projection – I reject this now, because I know that something much better and exciting awaits me on the other side of enlightenment.

If you do this exercise right, you will awaken right here, right now. And, you will also make the amazing and possibly deflating discovery that this is not what you were hoping and pining for. There is no self in Self!!! A-ha.

So stop chasing illusions and know that this very now is it utterly free of all of our projections, assessments, thoughts and conditioned feelings. This seeking self is just a side show, utterly lacking in substance. It is the false me. STOP believing this dramatic character now!

Know this: Where the false self is driven to race to here and there, the awakened self has no where to go. It is the exact opposite. The Buddha Mind neither comes nor goes. Cease looking elsewhere. Find the self that compares this moment with your projected moment and know what is truly illusory.

This is it


Seeking informs us that this universe is not right … we are not right. But this type of thinking is just that thinking. This world of the mind is purely illusory. You can love life or you can hate life, but to believe that there is an alternative life can only be a life of illusion.

To assume that the goal of this discussion is not to pin down life or to “understand” life. It is only to realize that our thinking that could ever be an alternative universe is preposterous. The via negative is only to see the thinking and see that it is based on a personal belief system rooted exclusively on insufficiency. We don’t try to “do” the spiritually correct right thing. The open sky of truth will emerge all on its own. It is out persistent effort to “do” something that sustains the illusion in the first place.

The instant we see the falseness of these beliefs, in that same instant we are truly liberated to the enslavement of the mind.


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