More on Arousing Realization

We wake up from the belief that we are the content of consciousness!

It’s as simple as that. But note …

We look outwards and see what is “out there” as the only content.

Not true. It is the “unseen” content – that which is “internal” that is the masquerading content that tells us who we are. That is a lie. I say masquerade because it is in the costume of who be believe ourselves to be, when it isn’t!

We are that which sees and we are that which freely sees.

The moment we believe that we are the internal content (the false self that says it is the Self), we are weighed down with plans, fears, hopes, desires, boredom, assessment, and history.

This is the dream. This is the illusion. This is the false. All of it – no exceptions.

What this internal content insists is true is only true for the internal content. It is falseness asserting falseness.

The only quality that is true is the seeing – and that isn’t really a quality at all.

What we are is the very “isness”, the very “suchness” of this moment – in the moment and of the moment. But not the moment itself – that is content!!!

There is no future, as there is no past. We are free to think about the future and the past and anything else and the truth or falseness of that thinking is only integral to itself. That means, if I think that I’m going to have a great future, then all I can really say about that thought is that it posits that I’m going to have a great future. Nothing else. Each thought – each feeling is an object true only unto itself – like that tree outside this window. It is no different.

What we see is what is real and that what we see is only a snapshot of a much larger continuum of ceaseless change. Thus we may throw our garbage into a living river and do great destruction to it. We can be saddened by our collective violence and ignorance. We can work to change this. We can write books. We can blog, we can mourn, we can be indifferent – but what we are is none of these things.

All of this is the play of objects within the larger stream of that which is perceived.

They are all part of the great show of this life.

We are free to observe all of it, but be none of it. That is liberation – that is perfect freedom.

  1. #1 by Visuddhimagga on October 17, 2010 - 2:24 pm

    Thanks for sharing, nice words.

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