An Invitation to Experience Mind

What is mind?
Is mind a problem?
Is mind bad?
Let’s take a look.

Let’s take a walk outside – you and I.
We see the trees – the leaves changing color.
Our legs move.
Our lungs breath.
There is an effortlessness here that no thought, no teaching, no state of mind could ever
will away.

And then ….
Mind says something – something like –
‘What’s the point of this’ or
“It’s nice taking a walk.” or
“This is an especially pretty tree” or
“I wish it weren’t so windy today” or
“The light is really different in autumn.”

It could be anything.

When we listen, we can clearly hear the “doing” of our mind.
The body effortlessly walks, feels, breaths,
and the mind starts doing its normal thing.

Now watch what might happen next,
as a compulsive thought cluster makes its appearance.
This is where it gets more fun.

The mind might start judging itself.
It might say, “Why can’t I just shut-up.” or
“It’s the mind, which is the source of all my troubles.” or
“Sometimes I enjoy my thoughts and sometimes they are a pain in the ass.”
The mind can and will say anything.

The purpose of this little exercise is simply to enable anyone to feel the difference
between the talking of the mind and the effortless being that underlies it.
Even the chattering of mind itself are, in a way, effortless.
They just happen –
But they have a very different quality than the effortless being –
That sees, feels, and hears it.

Right now feel the effortless being that is just underneath the “doings” of the mind.
You might notice that the talking of the mind, is a form of doing.
The mind does stuff.
It does all of the planning and assessment that accompanies itself as it strives for enlightenment.
Isn’t that interesting.

When we feel the difference between effortless being and the “doing” of the mind,
We see that this whole Enlightenment thing is just a mind game.
It has been from the start.
That you are the effortless being even when the mind chatters away.

We see something else … something that is really important.

We see that mind was never the problem!
We see that it was only our identification with the mind and its infinitely varied states of being
As who we are
That has been a source of suffering.

We see that if the mind wants to be bitter, judgmental, self-assessing, as well as
Lofty, profound, insightful, and loving.
That all of its many doings just the play of the mind ‘doing’ what the mind must do.
It presents with a party with an open invitation.
We get spend some time there or we can just let it talk on and on.
And talk it will.

Isn’t it amazing what we discover –
In a simple walk on a clear Fall day!


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