Fear. Hate, Division, and Ignorance – Yeah, We're Talking about Republicans and the Tea Party

Buddha said that the difference between the awakened and unawakened is ignorance. Buddha was right.

Right now, America is in a love affair with ignorance. It’s not a beautiful thing.

The Republicans rail against the new healthcare law, which they disdainfully call Obamacare. They say, “get the government off our backs.”

Yet they just love Medicare, an entirely government run program providing health care for the elderly.

Do you want to know the difference between the new Healthcare law and Medicare? Medicare, unlike the new law, is a lot more radical. It’s a single payer system and the single payer is the government. The only problem with the new law is that it is a Republican program. It keeps the power in the hands in the private sector and they couldn’t care less about our health. They care only about one thing and that’s their bottom line. They have shareholders they are legally bound to serve. As a result the new law if full of loop holes that work against the needs nearly all of us.

What Obama should have worked for was a single payer option that would allow people to choose between the government program and the private programs. After all, the Republicans can’t stop extolling the virtues of a free market and this would provide a free market choice for all of us. But they knew that the private sector could not compete against a government program. Thus the well-being of massive corporations won out against the well-being of people. And that is the true mission of the Republican party and their millions of flunkies – known as ordinary Americans who refuse to think, refuse to explore, and refuse to open themselves up to truth.

They are ignorant. They are slaves of their hackneyed beliefs. They love a hateful and wrathful god. In effect, they love to hate. People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman are their haters in chief. They lie, distort, and demean virtually everything that is good and decent in our world.

For the Republicans, this new Republican program isn’t greedy enough. They don’t want to force private health insurers to provide for pre-existing conditions or healthcare for chronically ill children. They would prefer if these non-rich people people would just die and stop bothering their corporate overlords.

When it’s all said and done, the Republicans really stand for the glorification of their ultra-rich masters and the exploitation of everyone and everything else. It’s not beautiful. It’s really very ugly.

The Republicans say that only the private sector can save our sick economy. Yet it was this same private sector that is the root cause of our economic decline, as well as the millions and millions of foreclosures based, initially, on their legions of snake-oil salesman and then on the assault of millions of vulnerable customers who they breezily and illegally drove from their homes – the very symbol of the American Dream.

They are thugs and criminals and deserve to be treated as such.

They claim that they are for the ordinary, hard-working Americans. Then how could we ever explain that their financial supporters are some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, like the Koch Brothers and other billionaires? How could you explain that they insist to keep their financial supporters a secret? They must remain a secret, otherwise, you would realize the truth – the truth that you are being used and exploited – that you are dupes of the wealthy – you will realize that your ignorance makes their power possible. The more compliant you are, the more exploited you will be.

The Republicans deny global climate change. This is just a small part of their universal contempt for science in general. For they also reject the whole field of modern biology, which is based on evolution. Sarah Palin and many others claim they are not monkeys. I agree they are not monkeys – they are something infinitely worse; they are ignorant, ambitious entertainers who express their hatred through their all but limitless personal ambitions. And what is their ambition based on? It’s based on nurturing hate and division. They deny their deep-seated racism, but they have much more in common with their Nazi – Black and Brown shirted predecessors than they would ever admit.

There are 20 Republicans currently running for the Senate. Not one of them links the actions of people with global climate change. This is earth-killing ignorance of the first order. We are called to reject this agonizing ignorance and celebrate the truth.

Income inequality is more extreme in the US than any other time in our history. The top 2% of Americans own and control about half of the capital in this country. The mission of the Republicans is to make this group even richer. For they are nothing but whores and the super-rich are their Johns. Those that support these enemies of everyone and everything (except the super-rich) are in love with their own rapists. This is the social Fear-Self in action on a massive scale (see Liberation from the Lie to learn much more about Fear-Selves). They express their shared self-invalidation through supporting groups and policies that assure their continued debasement.

They wrap themselves in the tawdry costumes of god and country and besmirch both. This is a white, Christian country. We are open to Blacks and Hispanics as long as they don’t challenge that fundamental truth. They love to draw the line between us (Christains, the ignorant, the phony patriots) and them (Muslims, progressives, those concerned with the well-being of our communities and the earth itself). They love to mock those who love what is true. They love to demean and disparage. They are smug in their self-confidence and certain in their underlying self-hatred.

They love power more than anything else. For they know, down deep, that they lack the power the believe they need to build their edifice of hate and division. In seeking all of the power, they are driven to deprive every one and everything else of the power they might already possess. Thus this is truly a conflict and we need to stand up to the challenge.

We do that by being open and embracing of the truth that is everywhere and in everything. Where there is division, we must seek to bring connection. Where there is hate, we must dedicate ourselves to connection. Where there is ignorance founded on division, we must commit ourselves to connection. But getting to connection may require us to make the division between them and us even wider. Just as Krishna advises Arjuna to accept his responsibility as a killing warrior and the battlefield of life, we must now assume the weapons of conflict and dedicate ourselves to victory.

It’s all part of the cyclical nature of existence. We are living in the darkest of times. We bring the light by embracing that same light. Let the progression to light happen through our collective energies and bring all that is false to the light of what is true.



  1. #1 by Kris on October 30, 2010 - 4:53 pm

    I’ll be uncharacteristically brief, as politics – and the separatist tones that generates – obscure your message here IMO. (Less polite Yiddish phrase comes to mind: “Don’t S#it where you eat!”).

    A. The Republicans are not your friends.
    B. The Democrats are not your friends.
    C. The Tea Party is not your enemy (and beware those who point your enemies out for you).

    A and B BOTH peddle BS as a profession – nature of the game. C, at it’s core (people on the street that identify with it), wants less BS (sure there are elements within anything that are counter, and all I can say to that is see “Yin Yang”).

    Your opinions are your own, but odd to me you would judge or assume or even accept that some people are so low/ignorant/evil/wrong and others so high and virtuous. Surely your liberation pierces that? Does either “side” have the truth? Really? So much for peacemaking. Your ending comments start to bring it back to reality, but a long road after the preceding partisan rant.

    In the abbreviated words of Obi Wan: “…your feelings… do you credit, but they could be made to serve the Emperor.”

    “Know thy enemy” -Sun Stu

    “We have met the enemy… and he is us” – Pogo

    • #2 by Mike on November 15, 2010 - 1:47 am

      Good response. I’m not a conservative, I’m more of a moderate. I hate how some of the people that are supposedly liberal, those that would champion morality, tolerance, and political correctness, are so hypocritical. They are the people that hypocritically renounce hatred, but continuously spout it every chance they get. They are the type of person that is hindering this nation’s and society’s progress, not the conservatives.

  2. #3 by Eric on October 31, 2010 - 9:24 am

    What people say and do in life, is akin to what trees and birds do in life; they do what their species do and I am no exception. The individual’s drive to be “more in control” – to “get more” – to “advance one’s personal agenda” – each are mirrored on the national political stage. There is a reason why America is the most toxic polluter of the world’s environment. We are addicted to our consumption, we are enraptured by our illusions of power, yet we are dis-satisfied and want only more. We are played like puppets by the mighty corporations and the ignorant and angry of the tea party right do their bidding like mind-dead zombies. It is a celebration of separateness – and agonizing self-delusion that denies, global climate change, the coming wars for oil (actually not coming – present), denies the power of diversity, and all the rest.
    This is the whole point of possessing wisdom and its absence.

  3. #4 by john on November 10, 2010 - 5:07 pm

    I support the message in it’s totality.
    When things get ugly, and they are ugly, who will speak?

    Give me a man with a strong opinion, and we have something to work with.

    Give me a man with no opinion, or a censored opinion, or a cautious opinion
    protecting others “feelings”, and we don’t have a man, we have a bowl of oatmeal!

  4. #5 by Mike on November 15, 2010 - 1:30 am

    You claim that ignorance and intolerance are wrong, yet you are stereotyping an entire political party and some division/movement that exists within it. The Tea Party movement is based more on economics rather social qualms. Honestly, just because a new political movement that you don’t like starts to takes place, you want to try to write it off as racist. I always thought generalizing an entire group of people was grounded in ignorance. It’s kind of hypocritical to condemn them for being racist since racism is based on stereotypes, general hatred, and intolerance, and you are completely are intolerant and prejudiced of them because there is a misconception going around that they are racist. Very Ironic. Typical liberal hypocrite.

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