Suffering is Our Choice

Yesterday’s post dealt with suffering as a personal choice. But suffering is also a choice made by a person on the level of the group. When we understand how suffering works on a group level, the pathway to planetary salvation is at hand.

We saw in yesterday’s post that suffering is a consequence of a belief in something that is not real. A belief is created by the false self to give it the substance it believes it lacks. It is a conceptual construct that belief appears to make real.

We need to understand why people are driven to believe anything.

If you have fully absorbed the content of yesterday’s post, you will will see that we and our family of origin work to create the false me. This is me as belief. While I described the process in very broad strokes yesterday, the process is really rather complex. The more clearly it is seen the better we can see the falseness of the underlying belief. This is why I strongly recommend readingLiberation from the Lie. It is the manual for understanding the insubstantial nature of the false self.

When our connection with Life is severed as a direct consequence of profound invalidation when we are most vulnerable (in the first year of life), the psychological self becomes our personal identity. In effect, the psychological self substitutes for life. What was immediate and real, becomes a story of which the psychological self is the primary character. The main character is the deficient self whose core thought is the belief in its own inadequacy. This is the cross we bear in this life – if we don’t wake up to its illusory and false nature. This is the only purpose for philosophy.

The psychological self is a belief. It is just a thought cluster. Because it is so deeply habitual, it becomes second nature. But this psychological self cannot be found. No matter how hard we look, no matter how long we have searched, we will never find this false me. It is, I repeat, only a belief.

The psychological self is a belief system and a big part of this system is attachments to external belief structures. These structures are like clothing. The psychological self assumes many outfits. Each outfit is a belief system.

Here is a very partial list of belief systems:

  • Gender
  • Country
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Class
  • Race


  • The body may have the attributes of a male or female (or any combination), but the essential self has nothing to do with gender.
  • The body may have been in born in this or that country, but the essential self has nothing do with country.
  • The body may have been raised in this or that religion, but the essential self has nothing to do with religion.
  • The body may believe it is young or old, but the essential self has nothing to do with age.
  • The mind may believe that it is middle class or lower class or upper class, but the essential self has nothing to do with class.
  • The body may have the attributes of this or that race, but the essential self has nothing to do with race.

We will never wake up to our essential selves as long as BELIEVE that we are anything but the spontaneous expression life in this very moment – free of ALL belief.

Think of all of these beliefs as costumes, outfits, that the false psychological self is driven to put on to give it the substance it lacks.

Is it not remarkable to consider that gender, country, religion, age, class, and race are all just beliefs? Each is a powerful sleeping pill.

But here is the most important part of this post.

That which we are most attached, that which keeps us most deeply asleep is that which we are not aware of.

This is the part of the false self that is most resistant to our investigation. This is the condition that appears to give our belief-based self strength and substance. It comes in four flavors and as you read these flavors please visualize them not in their conceptual quality, but in their living quality – how they arise in this very moment to give your strength and substance.

Here is the list – we tend to one of these primary attachments.

Any variant of – I need to understand, get it, be right, in control, etc.
Any variant of – I am my body, my happiness and unhappiness resides in my body
Any variant of – I am nothing without someone else, I am incomplete, my well-being is expressed in my personal relationships, I am not safe in this world on my own, and
Any variant of – My identity is in how I express force, to get things to go “my” way I rely on the intimidation and the threat of force, (this is a variant of the body attachment).

If you are very sensitive or if you regularly meditate, you should be able to see these very subtle attachments are operating all the time depending on your type. They are like an undercurrent and they are the last refuge of the self.

Becoming free of the final refuge requires us to just see this mostly unseen persona in action (not necessarily as concept). Seeing it time and again is the quickest pathway to freedom and liberation.

People are killing the planet in the name of their phony gods, their gender prerogatives (men being men), the insane demands of their ugly patriotism, their greed (economic desperation), and their class excesses. If we are to truly save the planet and ourselves, we need to wake to all that is false – we must find the truth that shines brilliantly in every moment.

This means that we need to remove all of the false garments that keep us safe in our individual and collective delusions – it means to open ourselves to the vivid reality of life in this very moment. We are none of our attachments. We are life expressing itself in this very moment. We are what cannot be denied, chosen or rejected. We are that.

  1. #1 by Emily Windsor-Cragg on October 30, 2010 - 1:03 pm

    If you have no need “to get it,” “to understand,” “to know the reasons why,” then you are not going to be much help to me because, that’s why I’m here as a Soul, “to get it.”

    • #2 by Eric on October 30, 2010 - 8:57 pm

      That persona that seeks to “get it” is precisely what is not you – not your essence. It is the thought projection that radiates from the core thought (see Stephan Wolinsky) that establishes the underlying inadequacy identification – the energy that sustains the whole seeking endeavor.
      I strongly encourage you to FEEL the essential you that already is prior to any seeking. That entity never, ever has any need to “get” anything.

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