Liberation Without Anger Isn’t Liberation

Anger – Outrage

These get short shrift in today’s oh so sweet, everything is pink and beautiful age of religious pablum.

Sometimes the bullshit reaches such a pitch, that people who love the earth and resent the bullies and henchmen of the super-rich need to say enough.

But rage is not enough. There needs to action as well. There needs to be organization and focus.

Religion has played its historical hand in keeping the masses hypnotized and domesticated and turning them into compliant little puppies spouting gibberish and sweet nothings.

I don’t care if you call it Buddhism, Advaita, Zen, or Looney Tunes, if it acts to keep the good and essential from being expressed than it’s just crap.

You have no one to follow but your own conscience. Stand on your own two legs and just take the next step.

It serves the power hungry machine of corporatism that we stay quiet and well-behaved. They laugh at the naivete of those that think of themselves as “spiritual” when what poses for spiritual is just the total subjugation of the positive male warrior in our body’s pantheon of potential.

Negative male aggression is just ugly force in support of the ego, but positive male aggression is that of the compassionate warrior who is called to bring darkness to light. We all have it – it has absolutely nothing to do with our body. It is love itself, but outfitted for war.

Find that positive male aggressive energy and see what happens next.

Liberation was never designed for the feint of heart. No – it’s for those with heart for the long war – the long struggle.


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