What Does it Mean to be Intelligent?

To get ‘smart’ we go to school, read lots of books, we study and we study and we study. We become great repositories of knowledge – facts, theories, and accumulated learning.

You’re probably thinking that I am now going to debunk that whole notion. But I’m not, because learning and knowing about the world is a great part of intelligence, for this knowledge has been gained through awareness, attention, and careful observation. It is all part of intelligence and the expression of intelligence.

But there is a greater intelligence than this magnificent system of inventorying that the mind is so well suited for.

Underlying this vast universe of knowledge is a thought. It is the thought of “me that possesses this knowledge”. “I have this knowledge” this thought declares. It makes me special. It gives me power.

But, (and please hear me now), what is this thought really? This is the question you need to ask yourself. Is this thought what it says it is? Is this thought truly me?

I really should end this post right here, for if I were to give you the answer you may not do the inquiry and persist with it until you yourself find that beautiful truth that is on its other side.

But I will say this. The thought that says, “I have this” is the attachment thought. It attaches the thought “me” onto knowledge. So, let’s now return to the question – is this thought what it says itself to be? Or, are we looking at something that is different from what it appears?

This thought is not me – it only says it’s me. It is the central lie. It is the decisive lie of our existence, of our society, of our culture, and of our world.

What it is really is the deficiency Wound resonating in the field of awareness. It is the false me. It is the core deception of our lives and it’s time that we all bring this truth to the full light of awareness.

Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. That is a fact. But when the false me claims to possess this fact, this is a lie. The is the psychological dimension of deficiency operating in the world.

Intelligence Has Two Sides

One side of intelligence is what we’ve been discussing; the outcome of learning, of developing a critical and discerning mind, of honing the beauty of our hearts and brains to bring understanding to the infinite phenomena of our world.

The other side of intelligence is the realization that our essence is pure, silent clarity. It is seeing. It is openness. Often it feels like an utterly innocent love that loves everything just as it is.

But this realization is more than this. Realization means to fall out of the trance of the “me”. It is what is when the need for the lie of me dies; when one is this eternal love. The compulsive and/habitual drive to be this me that possesses that attaches dissolves in the very light of loving discernment.

The brilliant, spacious openness is not static. Its aliveness is the aliveness of the universe itself.

This is the other side of intelligence. So return to this deficiency child and bring the same love to him or her that you might to a Spring flower or a puppy just in love with his life. For when you see this identity, this persona as outside of the spacious awareness (an energetic thought cluster within it), you have begun the process of severing your unseen bonds to it. Because he or she never fully leaves us, we might as well make him or her our friend … but she is not who we are.

It is just a story that our primal minds created out of the pain of invalidation, separateness, and aloneness. There is a wondrous gift within this friend and it is the gift of compassion for all our brothers and sisters. The truth of sadness exists in this thought body within all of us and it is what connects us in the infinite web of caring and support. The magic of the Wound is that it binds together on a level of heart that, ultimately, brings an end to the demands and declarations of the ego – the fear-self me. We are together both in this sadness, as well as its joy.

This is intelligence and it isn’t mine or yours’. It just is.

We are free when the need to anyone or anything or any feeling is seen for what it is … a distant echo of a primal Wound.



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