Who Is Your Own Worst Enemy?

And not just on Mondays

Here’s the quick answer: – You.

This is why you have to figure out who you are if you’re ever going to get a feel for who you are not (inevitably a Fear-Self).

So how do you find yourself in the myriad of false selves that each claim to be the real you (which is a very boring joke at this point)?

In this game of hide and go seek, there are a handful of helpful hints. First. don’t waste your time with your family history or your dreams or anything a shrink might say. They are all dead-ends.

Start with your thoughts. All of them are wrong, which means you’re really on the right track. Every thought is a fantasy. Now go to your thoughts that have the effect of making you most serious and single-minded, now you’re very, very close. You can almost smell yourself (retch/wretch).

The rest is up to you. But know this: you are most attached to the very thought manifestation that is also your greatest obstacle to the Tao, the Now, the unspeakable contentment of this moment.

You will never get past the obstacle you can’t see. What you are seeking cannot be seen. It can only be intuited.So go out and find it. It’s closer than you could ever think!

Whenever you find him or her, know, in that moment, that isn’t me, then ask yourself this question – if that isn’t me – then who am I?

That the quickest route to where you want to be. You know you’re there when you can get a kick out of who you thought you were (this is an important point). You will just love who you are and who you thought you were!

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