Becoming Trust Itself

Yesterday we said that trust in one’s self is the final hurdle.

We noted that perceptions, feelings, and thoughts belong to “know” (no) one, but are simply part of the living environment. Thus, if you are sad, the sadness is not your sadness and if you are happy, the happiness is also not your happiness.

Thus striving to be anything or anyone is a hopeless endeavor. It is also true that seeking to avoid a certain condition, is also equally hopeless.

A thought (feeling or perception) is intrinsic to itself. This means that an object is true to itself in the moment of its apperception. It is not your object. The YOU you take yourself to be is just another object that is also intrinsic to itself in the moment of its apperception.

That tree that you can see outside possesses little quality of being possessed by the personal you, but your thoughts feel like your very own thoughts. But it is said here that, in essence, the tree and the thought are not different on the level of objective reality. As the tree is intrinsic to itself, so is the thought. Any thought or feeling can be appreciated in the moment it arises.

When you see a tree, both the “you” (a thought) and the tree (a physical object – experienced as a different class of thoughts) are objects that belong to no one. They are each objects of differing class arising from the ground of being.

We will never be able to trust ourselves as long as believe that our thoughts and feelings belong to me – a thought.

We can’t trust that false sense of me because it’s a concept based on a false premise – something that isn’t true. You and I are not thoughts. Thoughts are just objects and objects are subject to change.

The realization that you are not a thought, that you never have been a thought, and never will be a thought is enlightenment itself.

Here is the key instruction: The effort to understand yourself as a thought or a concept or a feeling is utterly futile. It is what keeps the infinite wheel of seeking going. When you truly know that you are not a thought, the seeking ends and everything is revealed in the light of your perfect being. It is radiant, raw beauty.

We are that which never changes. We are not a thought. We are that which experiences thought, but is not any experience.

That which sees the tree and that which observes the thought of the seer of the tree is one and the same. Do that right now. Observe something, then quickly notice a thought of someone (yourself) seeing the object. Not how that which sees and notices the object and the assumed subject are the same thing – a kind of perfect openness.

Trust THAT!

The moment our need to trust a thought as ourselves is seen as false and we instantly transition to just being that which observes and notices, we are free of the slavery to the false me. This is not an easy or simple Realization.

You and I are not slaves to any thought.

When I think I am a fool, I feel bad. When I think I’m a wonderful, generous person, I feel good. Neither condition or identity is stable. It just moves with mood and circumstance. When it feels bad, it needs to feel good and when it feels good it tends not to be very concerned about feeling bad.

Liberation is freedom from all notions of good and bad. But it is more than mere noticing. For when we are free of identifying with any thought, we can be one with anything and we are one with everything all the time. The array of observed things change but the open field stays the same.

There is a vast embrace held by the field. This is compassion, connection, and carrying – all at once.

Imagine the Great Plains, covered in wild grasses. It holds the immense Western Sky, the thousands of birds that fly in the open space, their infinite calls, the powerful clouds that drift above, the mighty herds of buffalo that rumble across the open earth. Now a band of hunters appear. They wildly fly after the scrambling buffalo. A lance hits one of the buffalo and rich, red blood spurts from the open wound. Death happens suddenly in the vast field of being. Elsewhere a baby calf is born. Life happens suddenly in the vast field of being. Night follows day and Spring follows Winter. The cycles follow an invisible spiral beginning nowhere and ending nowhere and we are that.

The challenge of trust becomes nothing at all when we are free of all self-identifying thoughts. Instead of needing to trust something or someone, we are trust itself – trust in the perfect, seamless reality of this world.



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