Life, Death, and Enlightenment

My own spiritual journey was motivated by an intense fear of death. I wanted and needed to “transcend” the fear of my own dying. I wanted to transcend death itself.

Is this true for You?

What is our life?

Is it not a vast accumulation? We are born. As we grow up we have many memories. Stuff happens. Suddenly we’re middle-aged and then we’re old and facing our own death.

This is the vast accumulation of the personal self.

Now my question to you is this: What part of you, right now, is NOT accumulating? What part of you is not adding onto the story of you?

That is the enlightened being – that is what is free of this accumulation. The mind might take hold of this realization and integrate that into it’s continuing story and thus “fold” it into the greater accumulation of the personal self.

But no matter what the mind does, no matter how desperate it is to survive as the one and only you, it can’t overcome this Realization.

Notice how the accumulating includes your expectations about the future. It’s one enormous story about you. It holds all of your fears, hopes, desires, preferences, and knowledge.

When the accumulating self is seen as just one of many narratives that we construct in almost every moment, in that same moment we are free. We are that which never accumulates anything.

If you think you have failed at ANYTHING, that is part of the story of accumulation. We happily accumulate all of life’s disappointments. If you think you have succeeded in ANYTHING, that is part of the story of our accumulation. We are often reticent to lay the same claim to our achievements.

Again, I ask you, what aspect of your experience, right now, is not part of personal accumulation? Find that core aspect of your immediate experience which is unborn.

The accumulator dies – the Self is unborn.

That is the part that we never born and will never die.

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