Self Improvement (From My New Book – The Way of Liberation: At Home on Planet Earth)

Nearly all of us who are engaged in the “spiritual journey” consistently posit a “better me” that will evolve over time. When we believe that thought or any thought related to it, we are, perforce, obliged to resist or even reject our current Life Force in the now of existence. We are ceaselessly moving away from who we truly are.

What does it tell us when we realize that we are never satisfied with who or what we are?

It tells us that we are conditioned to sustain the self killing process of invalidation. Because the false self, the very self that we believe ourselves to be, is a total consequence of the invalidation trauma, we are, literally, unable to imagine who we might be without this form – without this mind. We are tied to this conceptual self and that is very definition of the psychic prison. We were born as thought and most of us will die as a thought.

But we are not a thought or any thought.

As long as we give life to the concept of a “better me”, we can never live from our source. It will remain inaccessible to us. So instead you will be stuck seeking an identity and once we are firmly lodged into our identity, we will always be ready to defend ourselves and attack those that challenge who we believe ourselves to be. It’s a painful cycle and it’s a cycle that will never end. It is the cause of all our wars and our ceaseless conflict against the Earth itself.



  1. #1 by Bob on November 29, 2010 - 2:27 pm

    So right on! It’s like I have this blanket over me filled with horrible stuff and i’ve been looking at the world from this place trying to get ” Better”. Throw off the blanket Bob!

  2. #2 by Bob on November 30, 2010 - 1:11 pm

    We’re always looking outside of ourselves for confirmation that we’re worthy.
    When that confirmation doesn’t arrive our thoughts fill in the space. “You’re not doing something right, you’re a loser, what have you accomplished, etc”
    Then we suffer, until we get that confirmation and then we don’t and it starts all over again.
    We are not our thoughts however, and that takes some gwtting used to.

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