Let Awakening Come to You: The Path to Yourself (From the Liberation from the Lie Sequel – The Way of Liberation: At Home on Planet Earth)

Do you really want liberation from the seeming meaningless of your life?

Do you strive for what others have called “enlightenment”?

Do questions like these often fill your consciousness?

Then listen up. For you are now on the wrong track. You’re missing it and you’re missing it by miles.
Awakening is now or it’s never. It will never happen when you’re seeking it – when you’re struggling to “get” it. It is either here and now or it is nowhere.

I know your problem because I’ve suffered from the very same problem. We hear about all of this enlightenment stuff in a life where there is constant heartache, struggle, and challenge and when the fear of death hangs over us like a guillotine. So we take the bait. We read dozens, often hundreds of books. We’re on the look-out for the next Mooji video and wished we lived in a place like Santa Cruz where enlightened dudes can be found speaking in small bookstores or in the comfy well upholstered living rooms of well-off people.

We get obsessed. We really, really, really want this thing called enlightenment. There have been moments when we’ve been filled with bliss and light and then the moment sadly passes. Just another state that comes and goes. We have no where else to go, but to get back on the track and start running, breathlessly running for the one book, the one talk, the one retreat, even the one off-hand remark that will finally and forever set us free.

Yet it eludes us and there is a part of us, a small part but real voice that whispers in our ears that it’s hopeless. Now we know that we’ve come to a terrifying crossroads. The first and most obvious road is that it’s all hopeless. We could meditate for a hundred years in the very presence of the Buddha himself and still never make that essential breakthrough. The other road tells us that it’s all bullshit. That we’ve been feverishly chasing an illusion – a hoax. That these fakes claiming to be enlightened and actually have the gaul to wear white flowing robes and always be sitting next to a vase of pretty flowers and be surrounded by their adoring and reverential followers (assholes) are just full of shit.

It’s either one or the other.

Actually it’s both. It is hopeless and the people we observe, who claim their special status are anything but enlightened.


If you’re not, you should be. For we know that as long as we’re seeking “it”, we will never “get it” and we know that no body ever “gets” enlightened. This we know.
Are you totally convinced? Probably not, (although you should be) but allow me to continue.
First you do really must know that it really is hopeless and these self-proclaimed gurus are not enlightened. That is just a simple fact.

Let’s address the gurus first. That’s the easy part. They are not enlightened because no “body” is enlightened. What you see and hear and feel is just appearance – fleeting and insubstantial. It’s just sight and sound ‘signifying nothing’. While their body is just a body, their words may trigger something in your experience that can illuminate the false. We move closer to the true every time we see what we’ve believed to be true turns out to be false. That is the very process of self-liberation. In illuminating the false these words can have the power to enable to release yourself to the real. But ultimately, the many gurus out there don’t matter.

All that matters is you.

We’ve already said that if you’re seeking “it” – “it” will elude you. As seekers, it truly is hopeless. This is a basic fact.

“It” can only happen now. So what are we to do? I am beaten by this profound problem and am left truly hopeless and now without resources.

What you can “do” is to put out the “awakening’s welcome mat” by engaging with an open heart and mind with this moment right now and right here. This, my good friend, is your life. Live your life right now and let the ‘magic’ happen. When you are seeking for it someplace else, it can never be found. You must live your life now, as if you will die by nightfall and if it is night when you’re reading this, then just substitute the word dawn.

Five minutes can seem like a lifetime when you’re really alive to it. Get pulled in by life just as it is. Stop being so quick to judge this moment as “not it”, for every time your mind inserts this belief it creates an insurmountable wall to Realization. So live “this life – your life” right now and awakening will come to you … rather than the mind goading you to run to it. That which runs toward anything is merely the “inadequate self” seeking relief from itself!!!

So let awakening come to you by living this moment and the next moment by truly living it. When you love life, life will love you back.

You see your very mind, the judger, the knower, is the final obstacle. Awakening is right here, right now. Drop all of your defenses and resistance to this moment and the next and the next and the next – and it will come to you. Trust life.

Then you will Realize and it will truly be yours’. Just as we awaken each day from sleep, so the spirit awakens unbidden and free.



  1. #1 by Bob on November 30, 2010 - 2:40 pm

    You may be the blue collar guru. You’re taking all the hype out of it and I love that.
    We either want this or we don’t and most don’t. I became obsessed with it as you did,
    hundreds of books and all the Mooji videos until I was utterly hopeless and desperate.
    Then suddenly this awareness unveiled itself to me and I was that and it was everything
    around me. Then it was gone, and i began to doubt what really happened. So I watched more videos and read more books and I found your website and began to see why I was having so much trouble. THE FEAR SELVES owned me. Now I’ve begun to see through them more and more every second of every day. I’m beginning to trust this awareness as being the truth, watching my thoughts and moods pass by me like clouds of energy trying to get my attention.
    Your advice to let awareness come to you is a beautiful message and it’s something I will
    try to do from this moment on.

    • #2 by Eric on November 30, 2010 - 3:49 pm

      Your words mean a lot to me Bob. My ego really likes the description of the blue collar guru. But I can’t use it because the very last word I would like to be associated with is “guru”.
      As you probably know I don’t think of these posts as “advice”. They are simply windows into my own experience on the path. They are more like stuff thrown into the air for others to check out and try out at their convenience.
      Really there are no teachers. All of us are students in our own personal classrooms. I share my classroom and everyone is invited to speak their heart and mind.
      Thank you again.

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