What Is Wisdom?: The Introduction to The Way of Liberation – At Home on Planet Earth

The universe is a place of constant change. Nothing ever stays the same. This is the Buddha’s Law of Impermanence.

To me, wisdom can be summed up in one simple statement.

Wisdom is the revelation that everything is connected.

Everything else is elaboration, but it is in the elaboration where it gets interesting. It is also in elaboration that most of find the message we seek to realize this revelation.

The first step is to get a sound footing in the absence of this realization. The absence of this realization is the belief that everything is separate. This is the religion of separation. It says that we are alone in this world. This religion says that we can understand through division.

This book is about moving from separation to unity.

This is an absolutely essential message if we are to save our species and the world which makes our lives possible.

When we believe in the religion of separation, then the one fundamental aspect of our existence is conflict. We got to look out for “number 1”. We are ceaselessly asking ourselves the question, “what’s in it for me?”. It’s me or him, my side must defeat his side, women are superior to men, gays are sick, my religion is the one true faith, my country is the best country, jobs must come before the planet, progress is essential, we must punish children, … all of this is the language of separation. I could have gone on for a thousand pages, but I trust you get the idea.

That’s the first step in wisdom. We simply see how the religion of separation conditions our life – even in this very moment. We see how we divide ourselves from others. We even see how we divide ourselves. We divide and divide and divide – because that is all we know.

For most of the human story of this small planet on the fringes of the Milky Way, people have seen themselves within the vast web of being that includes everything: the air, water, rock, plants, and animals. It was a complex web of trust that was understood in the most simple and direct way.

This is the Liberation Way. It is the Way of Return – it is the Way of what is true, testable and, most importantly healing … and eventually, even fun and joy.

You are that fun and joy right now, but your faith in the religion of separation separates you from that experience.

This is the Manual of Unity – that everything is within you and you are within everyone and everything.

Right now feel the truth of your immediate unity with this moment. This moment is you and you are it. And this moment is no different from any other moment. The atoms of your body are of infinite age. The blood that runs through your veins – that very same blood flowed through the bodies of dinosaurs. You are the rivers, valleys, mountains, and plains, and they are within you.

You can see and feel that right now. Go ahead give it a try. Just work with this moment.

Can you feel it?

This post if the first draft on the Introduction of my new book The Way of Liberation: At Home on Planet Earth. All future posts will be small sections of the book. I hope you like what you see here and if it ‘resonates’ with your experience or not, I would love to hear from you.



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