Liberation from the Lie Consultations

The message of Liberation from the Lie is the ending of suffering.

Each of us was born as a perfect Authentic Being. But even before we could think in words, we were subjected to the trauma of separation. I call this trauma the Wound. This Wound tells us that we are somehow not right – that we are inadequate, insufficient, and unworthy of love.

Because the Wound is so painful, we develop Fear-Selves, personas designed to prove our adequacy, sufficiency, and lovability. We become obedient, ambitious, grandiose.

This is the life of pain. To escape the pain, our lives become committed to constant searching – searching for the Fear-Self that will finally relieve our inner confusion and lack. This is a strategy doomed to failure, for no Fear-Self can accommodate the ever-changing events of life that will repeatedly expose our Wound of separation.

Based on my many years working with Navajo healers, as well as my immersion in Buddhism, I’ve been lucky to learn the message of Liberation. I have seen how the spark of transformation can be created by spending time with someone who can communicate this message. I am therefore offering consultations, by phone, Skype, Google Video, or in person, to help guide you along the journey from separation to unity.

To explore whether these consultations might benefit you, your first 30-minute session is free. Subsequent sessions cost $50 for up to 90 minutes apiece. Also, I will send you the audio file for your future reference. This can be invaluable.Several sessions could save you years of searching. You can see, on the right , a sampling of what others have said about Liberation.

Contact me at: Tell me a little about yourself and then we can find out, through the free session, whether these consultations are right for you.


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