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Liberation from the Lie Consultations

The message of Liberation from the Lie is the ending of suffering.

Each of us was born as a perfect Authentic Being. But even before we could think in words, we were subjected to the trauma of separation. I call this trauma the Wound. This Wound tells us that we are somehow not right – that we are inadequate, insufficient, and unworthy of love.

Because the Wound is so painful, we develop Fear-Selves, personas designed to prove our adequacy, sufficiency, and lovability. We become obedient, ambitious, grandiose.

This is the life of pain. To escape the pain, our lives become committed to constant searching – searching for the Fear-Self that will finally relieve our inner confusion and lack. This is a strategy doomed to failure, for no Fear-Self can accommodate the ever-changing events of life that will repeatedly expose our Wound of separation.

Based on my many years working with Navajo healers, as well as my immersion in Buddhism, I’ve been lucky to learn the message of Liberation. I have seen how the spark of transformation can be created by spending time with someone who can communicate this message. I am therefore offering consultations, by phone, Skype, Google Video, or in person, to help guide you along the journey from separation to unity.

To explore whether these consultations might benefit you, your first 30-minute session is free. Subsequent sessions cost $50 for up to 90 minutes apiece. Also, I will send you the audio file for your future reference. This can be invaluable.Several sessions could save you years of searching. You can see, on the right , a sampling of what others have said about Liberation.

Contact me at: Tell me a little about yourself and then we can find out, through the free session, whether these consultations are right for you.


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What Is Wisdom?: The Introduction to The Way of Liberation – At Home on Planet Earth

The universe is a place of constant change. Nothing ever stays the same. This is the Buddha’s Law of Impermanence.

To me, wisdom can be summed up in one simple statement.

Wisdom is the revelation that everything is connected.

Everything else is elaboration, but it is in the elaboration where it gets interesting. It is also in elaboration that most of find the message we seek to realize this revelation.

The first step is to get a sound footing in the absence of this realization. The absence of this realization is the belief that everything is separate. This is the religion of separation. It says that we are alone in this world. This religion says that we can understand through division.

This book is about moving from separation to unity.

This is an absolutely essential message if we are to save our species and the world which makes our lives possible.

When we believe in the religion of separation, then the one fundamental aspect of our existence is conflict. We got to look out for “number 1”. We are ceaselessly asking ourselves the question, “what’s in it for me?”. It’s me or him, my side must defeat his side, women are superior to men, gays are sick, my religion is the one true faith, my country is the best country, jobs must come before the planet, progress is essential, we must punish children, … all of this is the language of separation. I could have gone on for a thousand pages, but I trust you get the idea.

That’s the first step in wisdom. We simply see how the religion of separation conditions our life – even in this very moment. We see how we divide ourselves from others. We even see how we divide ourselves. We divide and divide and divide – because that is all we know.

For most of the human story of this small planet on the fringes of the Milky Way, people have seen themselves within the vast web of being that includes everything: the air, water, rock, plants, and animals. It was a complex web of trust that was understood in the most simple and direct way.

This is the Liberation Way. It is the Way of Return – it is the Way of what is true, testable and, most importantly healing … and eventually, even fun and joy.

You are that fun and joy right now, but your faith in the religion of separation separates you from that experience.

This is the Manual of Unity – that everything is within you and you are within everyone and everything.

Right now feel the truth of your immediate unity with this moment. This moment is you and you are it. And this moment is no different from any other moment. The atoms of your body are of infinite age. The blood that runs through your veins – that very same blood flowed through the bodies of dinosaurs. You are the rivers, valleys, mountains, and plains, and they are within you.

You can see and feel that right now. Go ahead give it a try. Just work with this moment.

Can you feel it?

This post if the first draft on the Introduction of my new book The Way of Liberation: At Home on Planet Earth. All future posts will be small sections of the book. I hope you like what you see here and if it ‘resonates’ with your experience or not, I would love to hear from you.


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Living Life When Your Thoughts Don’t Matter (from my new book The Way of Liberation)

We are like a person treading water in a dangerous sea – always scrambling for a lifesaver to drift our way. Whether it be anxiety or depression (the proverbial Scylla and Charybdis of the human psychology), we become firmly attached to the belief is in an external condition that will, temporarily, free of us of our distress. Anytime this belief is prominent, and let’s be honest with ourselves – it is true for most of us, we will live our lives in fear and anxiety. When we live our life this way we will never have the opportunity to express our authentic self. This is the life of the invalidation triad. We are puppets of a heartless, all-powerful world. All the power resides outside of us and we are helpless.
It is to this very desperate, deeply conflict person that religion and patriotism extend their very “helpful” hands. In our moments of deepest vulnerability, they inform us that they will answer our questions, they will become our partners in this ever-threatening world. Thus we learn to take sides in this life. It’s either for us or against us. It’s survival of the fittest. To the most powerful go the riches and all the rest. Here is one of the sources of deep violence, hatred, and division. This is the answer for so many millions of us.

Contrast this relationship with that of the hunter/gatherer. Unlike those who are identified with fear and hopelessness, he is made alive by and through life. He is one with life, flowing with its infinite changes. He is life.

His trust relationship with this world is never severed. The power of life is shared with all, from the tiniest insects to the towering redwoods. He lives in the vast web of connection, as life. The apparent separation of all of life and his body is merely an artifact of sight. They are truly one and the same. The beating of his heart is the beating of life itself. He has no interest in life ‘working out for him’. The external elements of life do matter for him, because he is this very life in this moment.
What would it be like to live a life where, literally, nothing mattered? What would it be like to live life as life? What would your life be like if you saw the whole energy sucking hope that life give you a “break” ended right now?

End that person now and see what happens.

Try it out and see for yourself. Let’s say that I’m walking down a street and see someone grabs another person’s purse. What happens then? If it is at all reasonable, I would intervene and try to help!
You then ask, “well, if nothing mattered, why do anything?” That certainly sounds like a reasonable question, but is it true? When I say live your life as if nothing matters, what that means is that we stop believing the many voices in our mind that tell us what matters, those thoughts that generate and sustain the toxic fear that governs our everyday existence. Instead, when nothing matters, we live in the immediacy of the present moment. Thus, when I see the woman’s purse taken away from her, I intervene, if it is, at all, possible and try to help. If nothing else, I offer my assistance after the crime has taken place.

When we live life as if nothing matters, we are true to our own self and not to the mass of fear-based thoughts the circulate in our consciousness. We are, finally, true to ourselves.
We find the strength and loving power that lives in the core of our authentic being.

This is Liberation.

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Check-Out the Latest Publication from Liberation from the Lie

Non-Duality America is one of the premier sites on the web featuring some of the most interesting and diverse voices in the field that offers each of us liberation from the conditioned mind.

Please take a look at my article by clicking here.

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God: a Symbol of our Collective Powerlessness (From my new book: The Liberation Way: At Home on Planet Earth

Men of Faith (I just couldn't resist this picture)

When our sense of ourselves is incomplete we want a god to be there for us. This want is personal and strong.
When we embrace a moral code that condemns the behaviors of others as wrong, evil, sinful, we want “our” god to bring justice to these people, societies, and even countries in this life or the next. We thirst for justice and we see our god as the ultimate deliverer of justice.
When we depend on god to do our violence, our retribution, we will do innumerable horrors in his name. Because our god is not real, we know that unless we act in his name, nothing will happen. Our blood needs will go unfulfilled. If we truly relied on our god, this would be the very god we would cease asserting our belief in. Acts of horror are always done in the name of our invalidated identity. The vacuum of inner powerlessness gets filled with belief, faith, and hunger. Violence ensues and for a moment we celebrate the blood-letting. Then the shadows of anger, rootlessness, confusion, and powerlessness fall again, so the search for the enemies arises again in our quenchless souls. We lack the inner conviction to trust our world, we invent a god to take care of those we love and to punish those we hate.

Where the decisive belief of the hunter was his alertness, his awakened nature to the world around him, we have turned that bedrock quality around and buried underneath our god. We don’t need to be alert. We don’t need to see. We can close our minds and leave it all to god. We make them the heavy, as we make ourselves light weights. We bury our lives in mindless television, hate and gossip mongering, in the cold, certain comfort of our brittle identities.
This is why most of us are wary of science. After all, the best science reflects the methods of the hunter. It keenly observes the universe and with its vast wealth of observations draws tentative conclusions about this miraculous universe. It is alive in its alertness. In its purest form, it is a true rebirth of the primordial hunter who watched the skies, smelled the seas, and knew every tree in his land. When we fail to explore the path of science, when we label it as “just another belief”, we posit a god to explain a complex universe and remain comfortable within our complacency.
Thus the desire for a god is wedded in profound unhappiness and a powerless submission to the interactive universe that we are a part. The need for a god is a reflection of our greater powerlessness. The power we lack is projected onto a projected and faith-based being.

Explore that powerlessness. If you find it in yourself, learn more about it. If we lack power at all, that lack can only be found in the personality we believe ourselves to be. Lack is a belief wedded to a projected persona. It is attached to the person we believe ourselves to be, but what we are not. That person is the other side of the god/me coin. He who observes is the hunter peeking through the all but opaque veils of the false-self.

For when we believe we lack power, we will, by necessity, project that lacked energy onto something external to ourselves. This explains why where lack is most acutely felt, there is the greatest propensity for self-righteous violence, as well as its opposite, the propensity for complete resignation; giving up. Resignation is a sign that we have both felt the anguish of close proximity to our Wound and we have our Fear-Selves have lost confidence in their personas. The collapse of the energetic Fear-Selves results in the creation of an exhausted, defeated Fear-Self. This weakened Fear-Self represents a step in the direction of liberation, but it is only a way-stop, alas it is a way stop that can last for generations. The resigned being manifests on both the individual and group levels.

The god belief systems, when they are personal and faith based must always result in a continuum of behaviors ranging from the ultra-violent to the pained acquiescence of utter resignation.
The pathway to resolving our struggle with powerlessness is found only in our personal and collective liberation.

How is that done? We take the first step in our liberation through seeing the process play out in our individual and group affiliated lives. We observe our propensity to be close our eyes to the truth that’s right in front of us. We observe how we rely on faith and second-hand knowledge passed down between people and generations without ever being held up to scrutiny. We observe our gullibility of collections of belief that people fear to questions because it’s in the bible or other “sacred” texts. We ask ourselves, as often as we can, “is this really true?”

When we move from faith to alert, open observation our hearts and minds open up to our very real lives. We are truly alive. If I am worried for the welfare of my children, then is it the most beneficial choice to place our need for safety and security in a belief that can never be tested or proven, or should we just work with our kids – open our hearts and minds to their concerns, not seek “final” answers, but just to engage in the process of connection. This is how we begin moving from the second-hand beliefs designed to keep us dead and obedient and migrate to living a vibrant, open, and creative life. We evolve from rigidity to flexibility. This is the yoga of the soul alive in this very moment.

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Let Awakening Come to You: The Path to Yourself (From the Liberation from the Lie Sequel – The Way of Liberation: At Home on Planet Earth)

Do you really want liberation from the seeming meaningless of your life?

Do you strive for what others have called “enlightenment”?

Do questions like these often fill your consciousness?

Then listen up. For you are now on the wrong track. You’re missing it and you’re missing it by miles.
Awakening is now or it’s never. It will never happen when you’re seeking it – when you’re struggling to “get” it. It is either here and now or it is nowhere.

I know your problem because I’ve suffered from the very same problem. We hear about all of this enlightenment stuff in a life where there is constant heartache, struggle, and challenge and when the fear of death hangs over us like a guillotine. So we take the bait. We read dozens, often hundreds of books. We’re on the look-out for the next Mooji video and wished we lived in a place like Santa Cruz where enlightened dudes can be found speaking in small bookstores or in the comfy well upholstered living rooms of well-off people.

We get obsessed. We really, really, really want this thing called enlightenment. There have been moments when we’ve been filled with bliss and light and then the moment sadly passes. Just another state that comes and goes. We have no where else to go, but to get back on the track and start running, breathlessly running for the one book, the one talk, the one retreat, even the one off-hand remark that will finally and forever set us free.

Yet it eludes us and there is a part of us, a small part but real voice that whispers in our ears that it’s hopeless. Now we know that we’ve come to a terrifying crossroads. The first and most obvious road is that it’s all hopeless. We could meditate for a hundred years in the very presence of the Buddha himself and still never make that essential breakthrough. The other road tells us that it’s all bullshit. That we’ve been feverishly chasing an illusion – a hoax. That these fakes claiming to be enlightened and actually have the gaul to wear white flowing robes and always be sitting next to a vase of pretty flowers and be surrounded by their adoring and reverential followers (assholes) are just full of shit.

It’s either one or the other.

Actually it’s both. It is hopeless and the people we observe, who claim their special status are anything but enlightened.


If you’re not, you should be. For we know that as long as we’re seeking “it”, we will never “get it” and we know that no body ever “gets” enlightened. This we know.
Are you totally convinced? Probably not, (although you should be) but allow me to continue.
First you do really must know that it really is hopeless and these self-proclaimed gurus are not enlightened. That is just a simple fact.

Let’s address the gurus first. That’s the easy part. They are not enlightened because no “body” is enlightened. What you see and hear and feel is just appearance – fleeting and insubstantial. It’s just sight and sound ‘signifying nothing’. While their body is just a body, their words may trigger something in your experience that can illuminate the false. We move closer to the true every time we see what we’ve believed to be true turns out to be false. That is the very process of self-liberation. In illuminating the false these words can have the power to enable to release yourself to the real. But ultimately, the many gurus out there don’t matter.

All that matters is you.

We’ve already said that if you’re seeking “it” – “it” will elude you. As seekers, it truly is hopeless. This is a basic fact.

“It” can only happen now. So what are we to do? I am beaten by this profound problem and am left truly hopeless and now without resources.

What you can “do” is to put out the “awakening’s welcome mat” by engaging with an open heart and mind with this moment right now and right here. This, my good friend, is your life. Live your life right now and let the ‘magic’ happen. When you are seeking for it someplace else, it can never be found. You must live your life now, as if you will die by nightfall and if it is night when you’re reading this, then just substitute the word dawn.

Five minutes can seem like a lifetime when you’re really alive to it. Get pulled in by life just as it is. Stop being so quick to judge this moment as “not it”, for every time your mind inserts this belief it creates an insurmountable wall to Realization. So live “this life – your life” right now and awakening will come to you … rather than the mind goading you to run to it. That which runs toward anything is merely the “inadequate self” seeking relief from itself!!!

So let awakening come to you by living this moment and the next moment by truly living it. When you love life, life will love you back.

You see your very mind, the judger, the knower, is the final obstacle. Awakening is right here, right now. Drop all of your defenses and resistance to this moment and the next and the next and the next – and it will come to you. Trust life.

Then you will Realize and it will truly be yours’. Just as we awaken each day from sleep, so the spirit awakens unbidden and free.



Self Improvement (From My New Book – The Way of Liberation: At Home on Planet Earth)

Nearly all of us who are engaged in the “spiritual journey” consistently posit a “better me” that will evolve over time. When we believe that thought or any thought related to it, we are, perforce, obliged to resist or even reject our current Life Force in the now of existence. We are ceaselessly moving away from who we truly are.

What does it tell us when we realize that we are never satisfied with who or what we are?

It tells us that we are conditioned to sustain the self killing process of invalidation. Because the false self, the very self that we believe ourselves to be, is a total consequence of the invalidation trauma, we are, literally, unable to imagine who we might be without this form – without this mind. We are tied to this conceptual self and that is very definition of the psychic prison. We were born as thought and most of us will die as a thought.

But we are not a thought or any thought.

As long as we give life to the concept of a “better me”, we can never live from our source. It will remain inaccessible to us. So instead you will be stuck seeking an identity and once we are firmly lodged into our identity, we will always be ready to defend ourselves and attack those that challenge who we believe ourselves to be. It’s a painful cycle and it’s a cycle that will never end. It is the cause of all our wars and our ceaseless conflict against the Earth itself.



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