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Vulnerability and Compassion

A body is vulnerable.
It gets sick – it gets tired – it gets hurt.
A psyche is vulnerable.
It gets nervous – it gets tired – it gets hurt.

Every object is vulnerable.
A flower is easily hurt and even a great oak can be cut down and killed.
Even the great galaxies that fill the night sky
They too eventually die and fade away.

So easily we forget this truth
and filled with our sense of right and our sense of needing to make a point
We strike out at others with hard words and hard actions.
We so easily forget that every object is vulnerable.

Every time we hurt another, a wall is built
The more hurt we have experienced
The taller and thicker will be our walls.

And when a threat is sensed,
We will either flee to the safety of our cold inner retreat
We will attack first and there is no end to the cycle of violence.
This is the way of the world.

We forget the truth of vulnerability
with our own children.
We scare them into their own walled domains.

And the sad days comes
When even they can no longer touch who they are!
For they have become prisoners of their own prison.

This is the Way when we forget the truth of vulnerability.
By understanding vulnerability,
we learn the path of compassion
We know that every body is vulnerable
Every body is fragile.
So now kindness lights our way.
Where there was judgment and righteousness
Now there is care and connection.

Be kind to yourself and unmake your walls of disconnection.
Reach out and touch yourself
and admit your own fragility.
Only by being willing to be hurt
Can we be open to something even deeper.

For the body we hurt
is our own.


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Compassion Vs. Projection by Christine Wushke

What can I do about the suffering in the world? If the world is an illusion, why do I feel so much sadness about children starving, and animals suffering?

There is a difference between compassion that unconditionally loves and acts in the world, and projecting your inner pain onto the world. Only you can know what is what. Is there anything left inside you that is suffering? If so, deal with that first. If not, then you are being moved by compassion. If that is the case you will be called to service, you will know what to do in each moment, because true compassion is balanced with wisdom, and clarity. Each moment consciousness moves you through life with total clarity, and you will just know what to do. Compassion will at times push you to act, and to DO something, but if it is from a clear place within, you will just know… suffering no anguish…just consciousness moving itself consciously in life….moment to moment.


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The Portal to Compassion


Aloneness is a dream. Your birth is a dream. The belief that you will, one day die, that too is a dream. The striving for enlightenment … also a dream.
Find the aliveness of this now awake from ALL dreams.

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