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Addressing Conflict – Arousing Peace: Using the Principles of Navajo Peacemaking to Achieve Harmony

I have decided to use my many years of experience in Navajo Peacemaking and write a book on how to use these principles in our daily lives. As someone who has worked in the mainstream criminal justice system as well as having received a National Institute of Justice Grant to evaluate and assess Navajo Peacemaking, few people are in a better position to translate these universal ideas and apply them to our everyday lives.

This book will be divided into five sections. They are:

1 – “The Esoteric Must Come First” – this is one of most frequent instructions I received while working with traditional Navajo counselors while conducting my research on the Navajo Nation. The esoteric is, in itself, a profound and potentially life transforming understanding that casts a completely different light on the people in our lives.

2 – “The Principles of Peacemaking” – Taking what we have learned of the esoteric, we can now embark in a thorough understanding of Peacemaking itself.

3 – “The Peaceful Family” – this section is dedicated to the family, children and parents, to help them approach, deal, and settle the many conflicts that inevitably arise in our daily lives. You will learn an entirely new and empowering approach to healing relations ruptured by conflict.

4 – “Reduce and Even Prevent Crime through Peacemaking” – Peacemaking is a proven approach designed to reduce not only the incidence of substance abuse and inter-personal violence, but also to bring radical healing to those people who have participated in violence and those that have suffered as a result.

5- “Applying the Principles of Peacemaking to Bring About a More Peaceful World” – The power of Peacemaking to change the world is something whose time has surely come. I invite the leaders and people of today’s world to take a careful look at this approach to bringing peace to places where war has long prevailed.

The Peacemaking path is one we can all take. We become our own healers in times of stress, chaos, and despair.

Because the writing of this book will take up most of my creative time, my posting to this blog will be less frequent and will tend to focus on the topics that I’ll be writing about in this book.

If you have a special interest in this topic, let me know and I can send up special ‘updates’ to keep you apprised of understanding this timely and vital topic.


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Navajo (Dine) Peacemaking Video 2

Peacemaking Part 2

This the second and middle video of the Peacemaking Series.

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Navajo (Dine) Peacemaking Video 3 of 3

Peacemaking 3

The third of the Peacemaking Session.

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