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These Are the End Times

End Times – GET READY

The Perfect Storm is already forming.


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Two New Books Recommendations

I wanted to recommend two books; the first I’ve read and the second I’m currently reading. The first is Osho’s The Man Who Loved Seagulls. We all love validation, particularly validation that is true and authentic. When I read much (not all) of Osho, I feel that my own experiences are validated by a great sage of the 20th century. This book is particularly clear and beautiful. I cannot recommend strongly enough.

The world is moving, head-long, to extraordinary disaster. As Tom Engelhardt writes, we are currently experiencing the first gale force winds of the coming hurricaine in the faltering economy of the industrialized world. But the greater disaster, which, like the economy, is just now starting, is that of the coming collapse of the environment. Our rapacious consumption, on which this dying economy is dependent, is killing not only our way of life, but the life of the planet. There is another way and wc can all learn about this way in the new book by Woody Tasch – Slow Money. The author takes the boldest step possible by laying out the plan for a wholly new form of economy based on the rhythmns of the earth and the fundamental needs of its people and the rest of the biosphere. This is, exactly, what we need if we will actually work together to create a new society. This book is not easily found in bookstores, but you can order it from Please check it out.

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