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Unget a Life Dude

The challenge is not to “get a life”, but to see through the illusory life you believe you have or are striving for.

When we talk about getting a life and wanting a life we believe we lack we’re hopelessly involved in the content of our presumed life. This applies to any striving for enlightenment or transcendence or anything we believe will give us a life we’re sure we lack.

You’ll chase content for a thousand lifetimes.

This post can save you lots of time.

Get off the content bandwagon and see what happens when you wean yourself of all content – the body, the world, the … whatever.

It will amaze you.

What you’ll discover is that the huge, incredible life you yearned for was a total illusion, a load of garbage, a refuse heap from the Land of Lack. You’ll see that you never needed content. Instead, you are the light, the consciousness through which all of the content in the universe manifests.

So unhook yourself from the content and be the light you are prior to the belief infested world that makes the world of content feel like the carrot that’s always just out of reach. Forget the carrot and forget the reaching.

You’ll also discover that you can’t avoid being the light you are.

Believing that the content of life will make you happy and fulfilled is just more useless content. This belief rests on only one foundation; the foundation made by the belief that you lack something necessary to live a contented life.

The light you are needs nothing. All beauty – all wonder – all freedom lives in the light you are.



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Getting Past Lack and Finding Yourself!

Getting Past Lack

The inner sense of something lack – a kind of hollowness in the pit of our stomachs is one of the prime motivators of everything from shopping to meditating. How do we get past it? You might find the answer here.

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