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As Paul Krugman’s op-ed piece in today’s New York Times points out, Ireland had a true economic miracle, but over time this “miracle” gave way to a housing frenzy fed by the banks and speculative real estate developers. As the economy prospered they fed on this prosperity and worked together to create a massive housing bubble. When the bubble burst, the country was thrust into economic ruin and is now facing deep austerity prospects that will hurt everyone except the bankers who are international and comfortably insulated from assuming losses or any other form of responsibility for the social violence they have happily wrought. The situation in Ireland mirrors that of the United States and many other nations.

This is how it happens. In stable economies banks are rather boring players on the economic stage. They exist to keep people’s money relatively safe and to lend money in a regulated manner to create and maintain prosperity. The rules of lending need to be regulated to protect all the savers who place their hard-earned cash to the banks in trust. Savers tend not to want to have their money played by a group of gamblers who game the table and stack everything in favor of themselves.

Thus the clever bankers used the nation’s prosperity to express their repressed greed. But here’s the important part. As they made themselves grotesquely rich, they used a very small part of their money to buy their government. Politicians come cheap and they are more than happy to become whores for the super-rich friends. Thus the financial sectors own the governments of the United States and Ireland and most other places that experienced a big housing bubble from which they made their trillions. Greed and wealth made them extremely powerful.

Because they are, in essence, the government itself, they enforce the laws in ways that can only favor them and hurt everyone else. They create the policy that keeps them perfectly secure from criminal or civil prosecution, that maintains gratuitously low tax rates for the ultra wealthy and makes sure that what was the middle class pays for their continued fiscal vulgarities through painful austerity measures that affect the super-rich not in the slightest.

In this way they create a two class society. The middle class is hollowed out and transformed into the upper Lower Class and the wealthy become much richer, even as the local economies collapse into penury. The ultra-rich will scream that we cannot afford large deficits in order to leverage their impact on creating the austerity measures that enable them to get a lot richer even in times of economic crisis and decline.

Thus the bankers and their friends in the healthcare and military industrial complexes get to run the whole show. And then they speak speak as if we’re all in this together. We aren’t.

The truth is, they treat everyone but their class as ignorant rubes. They keep the rubes entertained by the idiotic television shows that are everywhere and through fear that unless we follow the orders they demand of us, that things could get so much worse.

It’s time to see reality. This is all part of waking up to what is real. It’s time to see these people (and they are discrete individuals with names and addresses) as the blood-sucking parasites they truly are. It’s time to express our need for basic justice. We must cease listening to any politician owned by this class. It’s time we take to the streets. It’s time that we refuse to swallow their ceaseless lies.

The point is not to spread the wealth. The point is to live a life that is just and fair. This class is truly a cancer on the world. The time has come to re-invent civilization as something that can exist in harmony with all of our fellow human beings and the animals and plants that make this world a wonder in a very cold universe. That time has come and that time is NOW!




The Revolution of Laughter

The Revolution of Laughter

There have been many revolutions in the past. There was the Protestant Reformation which sought to displace communities enslaved by the church and turn the focus of god’s love onto the individual (now you’re on you’re own). Then there was the industrial revolution which sought to displace the church with factories so that everyone could have stuff in between their 12 hour shifts in the mines or the mills. Our modern era also saw the Feminist Revolution, which sought to spread the pain of males onto most industrious and ambitious women. But they didn’t get off the hook so easily. They were still the baby makers, as well as the baby watchers, as well as the workers. All hail the revolution. And then there was the information revolution, which was mostly bullshit, but it did produce the internet, without which I would never write these words.

And, of course, there was the greatest revolution of all, the agricultural revolution, about 10,000 years ago, which got started in the plains between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now the despoiled nation of Iraq. This, pretty much, started the whole engine of personal debasement and personal elevation. Before that people were mostly nomads moving along the paths of animals, working now and then to get food, telling lots of stories, and generally ‘kibitzing’ their days with gossip and merriment. Neither their birth or their deaths signified all that much. People, like clouds, floated ephemerally across the wide sky and then were never seen again.

Such is the preciousness of this life now.

Revolutions never ended what preceded them. Rather they added a new level which changed how many people lived their lives, but, for the most part, life for most people changed very little. Ask anyone living in the back country of India, China, and much of Africa. Often for these largely unseen multitudes (who die by the thousand with every flood and avalanche) the biggest change is the near miraculous appearance of metal crockery.

We can see that the general trend of revolutions was to atomize society. We moved from the vast, undifferentiated masses of field workers that characterized most of human history to the age of enlightenment, which celebrated the uniqueness of each person’s human spirit. Now with the age of the Internet, we seem to be moving back into vast groups of largely undifferentiated hordes of sitter-arounders that spend many, many hours gazing into brightly lit screens seeking something, anything, to break the crushing monotony of modern life. I wish you good luck with this.

Meanwhile, we don’t have to wonder why people are getting bigger and fatter.

Most revolutions have been serious affairs. We “must” do this or that and we must do it now. We must get more serious about our lives. We have to produce. We have to become somebody. We have to, have to, have to, and then at the end of the day we are amazed that even the simple act of sleep eludes us.

These very serious men and a few women have been our leaders for thousands of years and as far as I can tell, they have done a terrific job of not only making life an arduous struggle for most of the world’s disenfranchised people, but have now brought the planet to a place that is making it unlivable for most of the planet’s species.

This is the crime of seriousness. For all we know, and I really don’t know how much we know. It seems that from one perspective we really know a lot, but from another we know nearly nothing, but at our current level of knowledge we do know that this is the body in the universe with life. And we are working day and night to killing most of that life from all the carbons we drive into the atmosphere, the mountains of plastic crap we freely dump into the oceans, and the zillions of gallons of toxic everything that we blithely pour into our rivers.

We have turned this magical planet into a steaming trash dump and our primary concern (a very serious concern at that) is how can we produce more jobs so that we can consume more, so that we can dump even more shit into our own homes.

Does this make any sense to you? It only makes sense if you’re crazy and hypnotized by this society that is oh so serious.

I now say that the task of the next revolution is to make an utter mockery of all the revolutions that have preceded this very moment. I say it’s time to give “this” up with all of its sternly serious intentions and starting exploring where laughter might take us.

Did you know that most child abusers and murderers and heads of state have dedicated their small lives to seriousness? They are serious because they have been Wounded and in the challenge of making believe that the Wound is not their own, they have adopted a life that is strangely serious, taxing on others, and otherwise banal to the extreme. They have a very hard time getting over themselves. Isn’t this true for most of us (see Liberation from the Lie for all the interesting details).

Religion and philosophy are another dreary and serious region, but please don’t get me started with that one. I’ve even heard that people meditate for years so that they can have the very brief thrill that laughter could have delivered with so much less effort and self-infatuation.

Schools are another very serious venue. Let’s face it, when you boil it all down, schools teach only one thing and that’s obedience. Anyone with an IQ over 90 can do the vast bulk of most school assignments and we’d be a planet of straight “A” (ok, a B+ here and there) students if everyone just marched in step with the layers of rules and authority that education celebrates every shitty day in the schools of the world.

I suggest that the only way out is laughter. Where will laughter and smiles take us? Who knows, but let’s find out.

Very few people will take this post seriously (loud laughter) and the reason why is that they are too serious. They will see these words as frivolous. They might even claim that I am immature. Well, if they are the ideal of maturity, then I say, they can keep their maturity in their tightly zipped pants and get on with the job of fucking the planet.

But I say the time for real revolution is overdue. The planetary death clock is ticking and if anything on this very small planet is serious, then it must be that. Let’s just start getting over ourselves and are very serious identities. If you say you’re an American (with an exclamation mark), then I will say that you are deluded. There is no America. If you say, I’m a Jew/Muslim/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/whatever, then I say you are deluded. And even if you say you’re middle class (now that’s funny) and I will also say that you claim more class than you actually possess.

Spare us the weight of your many identities and wake up to the magic of living with a simple smile. We are enslaved by our identities. We are human beings way before we are any identity and we are animals before that and before that we are life itself!!!!!!!!

I suspect that the Revolution of Laughter will wake us from our identity driven slumber and take us back to Life.

If you want to get people laughing, then I ask you to spread these words. As Tom Robbins once said, I didn’t show up for work today. I called in well.

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Liberation – the Next Step – Celebrate the Outcast


The spiritual philosophy content of this site is now finished. I’ve said all that I can say. It’s now time to usher in the new age of authentic liberation.

We have seen how the whole of the “deficient” self is an inevitable outcome of the system’s requirement to debase the child and re-create him as a compliant, fearful human being designed to take orders and do what he is told. We have seen how the child is debased by the family and how the systems of formal education continue their essential mission to further weaken us through a war of fear and the demand for obdience.

We are told, right from the get go, that if we fail to do what we are told, that we will fail in life, and that if we fail in school, we will become outcasts. I say celebrate the outcast. The truly liberated person is an outcast. It is she who has seen through the many veils of fear. Let’s become outcasts together!

It is time to come alive to who we are – whether it be a dancer, a scientist, or a revolutionary. This is the liberation of love for if I love the body and what the body can do, then I might want to dance, if I love the complex interplay of energy and matter, then I might become a scientist, and if I love the planet as a living organism, then I might want to foment revolution.

Ultimately, our liberation is living our love – being completely true to ourselves.

In this journey we must never loose touch with the light heart. Yes there are times for grave seriousness, but there are also times to sometimes just see the absurdity of the linear type of mind that believes that if we only do this, then we will have finally arrived.

All of this is the playful and serious interplay of energy. Getting a feel for the current, knowing when to surrender to the flow, knowing when to make waves – are all a part of the game.

If it were anything different, it wouldn’t be liberation.

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