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Being Life Itself

Do you observe life or are you life?

Observing and being life – what is the difference?
The difference is decisive. Living life as an observer assumes that the one observing is real. Try spending just one little minute without ANY belief in any observer that could be real. Try doing this while listening to some music that you enjoy.
How does it feel? …no observer hearing … no observer seeing … just seeing … just hearing … just …

It feels soooooo alert and alive.

There is an alternative way to do this little zen trick – see EVERYTHING as the observer seeing. Hear EVERYTHING as the observer hearing. Taste EVERYTHING as the tasting the observer tasting.
Yummmmmm – tasty observer.


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The Navajo 3 Levels of Life

This story was told to me by a traditional Navajo healer.

He said that there are three levels of reality. The first is the sensed world – everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and touch. It is 100% sacred. The second level is our psychological world. It consists of our hopes and fears and any opinions we have related to our hopes and fears. This world is the source of 100% of our suffering. Finally there is the Ceremonial World, where it is all one.

We can see that this means that karma, the belief in an afterlife, a belief in a personal god, each belongs to the psychological world of our hopes and fears. The sensed world is sacred. In its form of pure connection – it is the Ceremonial World

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True Awakening, Part 1

A magnificent description of the awakened self and how we access this liberated self. It is not an identity. It is who we are outside of the domain of time and the world of getting here and fleeing that.

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The Awakened Self

We are told, over and over again, that we are already enlightened. All of the esoteric teachings of “eastern” “philosophy” repeat that core statement.

It is true. We are.

I ask you this – where is the place your mind can never touch? Where is the place the mind can never land?

What makes all of life possible? What connects all things into one?

What is here prior to mind?

Where is the only place in all of the universe where everything is truly and unquestionably one?

You are that.

Presence is ongoing process. This process is the “stuff” that makes EVERYTHING possible. It gives brief life to every phenomenon in the universe.

Enough said.

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